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… for a better Information Sharing

Sharing Information is an old / new concept that is recalled on every occasion and is declined with many different meanings. In our opinion, we need to fight against the concept “information equals power”. The most important is not the collection of information but the capability to “create and distribute” a different type of information.

Today the major issue is the selection of the correct data/information: many are not only other than “fake news”, but are resumed because available, quoted, rebounded from the web. By gathering information through the web, a shortcut of knowledge, any ignorant can be transformed into an expert, and this creates the illusion that anyone, in a few days and skipping the stages of the study and experience can do it. We do not even realize the danger we run.

The problem lies in the “transmission of knowledge” or the “sharing of correct information”: the network transmits the content of things, data and facts, but there is an operational knowledge, not available through the network, which arises from the practice and the way of doing things in the field. In this process AOS Team, senior advisers with the right competence, the study, the application, the comparative analysis of the available data, the comparison with the others, the dialogue, the reflection, the independency, have become a must.

With AOS we do our best to support the operational knowledge information sharing: to this end, in 2018, AOS has increased the number of our advisors with new “young retired” that will continue to have the pleasure to share their experience and their knowledge with the new generations. They are senior advisors with Technical/Operational, Programme and Business Development responsibility in several large defence companies or MoDs, with long lasting experience, leveraging on the extensive network of personal contacts established over the years.

Finally, I want to thank those of you have proposed “innovative ideas”, which, as agreed, are published on our websites. Do not hesitate to communicate with us and to register to our NewsLetter here .

Gustavo Scotti di Uccio

AOS Chair

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