The team


Gustavo Scotti di Uccio

Scotti di UccioPresident and General Manager

  • 2013 Owner of (Atlantic Organization for Security) in Belgium
  • 2009 at SELEX SI (Finmeccanica), Sn VP New Business Affairs (NATO and EU) and Responsible for the US market business opportunities.
  • 1999, AMS JV, NATO Account Director, prime responsible for the liaisons with NATO Organisations of the AMS Companies in UK, IT, GE, and USA
  • 1989, GIE Eurosam (Paris), Land Systems Programme Director for the Franco/Anglo/Italian missile cooperation FSAF & PAAMS (2 Billion Euro) & responsible for the industrial cooperation with Germany, UK and Spain.
  • Selenia SpA in the Avionic Division 

He participated, as expert and chairman, to different WGS and Studies mainly on Industrial Cooperation (FNIE (Framework for NATO Industry Engagement), TADIC (Transatlantic Defence Industrial Cooperation), NRC Ad Hoc Working Group for the industrial cooperation) and recently he contributed as an industrial expert to the definition of the new contractual procedures that are to be adopted by NATO focussing on co-operations and partnership issues, mainly in the Cyber Domains.

  • National Representative to NATO RTO/SAS, NIAG.
  • Member of the Strategic Steering Committee of the industrial consortium EURONEC for EDA,
  • Member of the National Observatory on Security (OSN) for critical infrastructures protection.
  • Member of the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC).
  • General Manager ACCSCO SA and Member of the Board of Directors
  • Member of the Board of Directors at EOS SA and Deputy Chairman of the Company
  • Member of the CESMA Steering Committee and responsible for the C4ISR sector.
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the ISSMM-delta (International Security/Safety, Global Strategies and Medical Maxi-Emergency for Unconventional Events: Analyses and Management)



Dominique Vandersleyen

DVD Financial Advisor

As the Managing Director and founder of Finance & Accounting Management (1998) ,Dominique Vandersleyen began his career with companies acting in computer business as Credit Controller and moved onto becoming Accounting Manager for Belux. (1983-1991)

The following years he was acting as Financial Director and finally as Managing Director in a Swedish group of companies involved in real estate developments (Brussels, Netherlands, France, UK, USA,…). (1991-1998)

Actually he is still involved in real estate business (Group of companies) as Managing Director and provide financial, accounting and tax advices through F&A Management sprl to third parties (companies located in Belgium with foreign shareholders).



Giuseppe Fristachi

FristachiSenior Advisor

Senior military manager with 35 years of national and international experience on advanced aerospace/defense technologies/systems for Military or Dual Use applications, specifically Unmanned Systems, ISTAR and Electronic Warfare.

Senior level 20+ years experience in conducting/supervising/coordinating DT&E and OT&E activities of complex Aerospace/C4ISTAR systems, with specific expertise on Urgent Operational Requirements/Certification.

Led or represented the nation with negotiation authority in several international armament programs in multinational and NATO environments.

Advisor of highest military/government authorities on national/international procurement in C4ISTAR/Space areas. Currently Multi-Disciplinary Consultant, following active duty retirement in early 2012. email:

Grazia Giorgini

GiorginiSenior Advisor & Member of the SC

Biologist and experienced applied food scientist with particular expertise in the food and feed industries, environmental pollution (water and air /indoor mainly) toxic chemicals and their impact of environment on health with focus on children. (maxi emergencies)

Trainer and responsible for science courses

Laboratory Analysis in food environmental chemistry and environmental pollution.


José David Moura Marques
José David Moura Marques Senior Advisor

Major General José David Moura Marques has a Master Engineering Degree in Electrical and Electrotechnical Engineering and a post-graduation course (two academic years) in Applied Electronics.

He joined the Air Force in 1979, and in the same year he was assigned a post at OGMA – Portuguese Aeronautical Industry, where he worked for twenty years. As an AF engineer, assigned to lead the newly created Engineering and Programs Division, he participated in several aerospace projects, from the A-7P corsair aircraft, to the Future Large Aircraft (FLA) and other national and EC projects. As NATO employee in NAPMA he was responsible for the area of Communications of the AWACS “Midterm Modernization Programme”

Promoted Major General, he was member of the advisor to the BoD of EMPORDEF, the Portuguese defense industries holding company, supervised by the Ministries of Defense and Finances, responsible for managing State holding firms directly or indirectly involved in defense activities. where from 2012 to 2014 he was COO

Member of the NATO AGARD, of the “Management Team” of EqIMG, and of the BoD of EDIG and AECMA. Under the IV, V, VI and VII EU Framework Programmes he participated as Evaluator and Reviewer of European aeronautical projects in the area of Transport. He was also the Portuguese Head of Delegation in NIAG – “NATO Industrial Advisory Group” between March 2012 and March 2015.

Mario De Lucia

DeLuciaSenior Advisor

Specialties: Aviation and Defence, Space, Management, Government Relations.

More than 30 years of experience at Northrop Grumman Italy, Diehl BGT Defence, Perkin Elmer Italy and a solid technical background in Government Relations, Business Development, Program Management in the Aerospace and Aviation fields.

Experience in branch management and in the relations with International Networks of Company’s Dealers, Partners and Sub-Contractors for Military (NATO or Italian MoD) and European Union activities.

Owner of ADC (Aerospace and Defence Consultancy).

Aircraft Pilot with several ratings including competition aerobatics. email:

Michele Basile

BasileSenior System Engineer

Accomplished Senior Engineer with an impressive technology background and an established track record of success at national, international and NATO level thanks to more than thirty years of professional Systems Engineering and Project Management which have given him the ability to develop successful strategies and execution of complex global transformational Research and Development (R&D) programmes in the Security, Information, Communications and Defence domains. He combine deep and extensive international industry knowledge, strategic and operational experience, disciplined project management and proven change management abilities to achieve organizational most strategic objectives.

Proactive manager, team builder and tactical planner has been noted for constant and consistent delivery of top quality, on time, on budget projects. His knowledge of Research and Technology environment gives him the ability to drive projects to successful accomplishment in order to obtain timely expected.

Michele BASILE is a very knowledgeable engineer on NATO policy, procedures and investments as he has an extensive NATO background due to his previous work on NATO (ALT)BMD and Bi-SC AIS projects.

Currently is involved in a major transformational project for a large company and to some interoperability standardization process  email:

Paolo Dentice di Accadia

Dentice di AccadiaSenior Advisor

Specialties: Space and Satellite, Management, Government Relations.

40 years of experience at

  • Thales Alenia Space Italia – Sales Manager
  • Alenia Spazio – Marketing Manager
  • Aeritalia – Product Manager




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