Boeing Integrated Defense Systems Looks to Future with Leadership Changes

Boeing announced a series of new leadership assignments within its Integrated Defense Systems unit designed to build on continued strong performance of the company’s defense, intelligence and space businesses, which earlier this week posted record financial results.

The leadership changes will place 14 senior executives in new roles , allowing each to bring a new perspective and in-depth experience to already high-performing organizations.

IDS President and CEO Jim Albaugh said the changes would position the $32 billion Boeing unit for continued success in its defense and space markets.

“Since Integrated Defense Systems was formed five-and-a-half years ago, we have made tremendous progress growing our business, improving our performance and developing our leaders,” said Albaugh. “These moves take advantage of the strengths we have, continue the development of key leaders, and drive further integration and innovation within and across our businesses to achieve both near- and long-term performance goals. As with our military customers, we believe that rotations strengthen the individual leader and the organization.”

The changes, which take effect Monday, Feb. 4, include new assignments for leaders within each of IDS’s three major businesses as well as its functional support organizations.

The new leadership assignments are:

Integrated Defense Systems

  • John Lockard, 63, will move to the new position of Chief Operating Officer, Integrated Defense Systems, reporting to Albaugh and serving as his deputy. Lockard previously led Precision Engagement and Mobility Systems within IDS.
  • Pat Finneran, 62, is named Vice President, Operations and Supplier Management, also reporting to Albaugh and replacing John Van Gels, who began a special assignment earlier this month on the 787 program at Boeing Commercial Airplanes. Finneran previously led the IDS Support Services business.
  • Bill Schnettgoecke, 47, is named Vice President and Deputy, Operations and Supplier Management, reporting to Finneran. Schnettgoecke has been leading the company-wide Lean+ productivity initiative. He will retain those duties with his new IDS assignment.
  • Charles Toups, 49, becomes Vice President, IDS Engineering, reporting to Albaugh. Toups most recently served as Vice President, Navigation and Communications Systems for Space and Intelligence Systems.

Support Systems

  • Dennis Muilenburg, 44, is named President, IDS Support Systems, reporting to Albaugh and replacing Finneran. Muilenburg previously led the company’s Combat Systems division and successful Future Combat Systems program.

Precision Engagement and Mobility Systems

  • Chris Chadwick, 47, is named President, IDS Precision Engagement and Mobility Systems, reporting to Albaugh and replacing Lockard. Chadwick most recently led the company’s Global Strike Systems business.
  • Dan Korte, 47, is named Vice President and General Manager, Global Strike Systems, replacing Chadwick. Korte moved from Security Solutions, where he was Vice President and Program Manager and led SBInet.
  • Debra Rub-Zenko, 49, is promoted to Vice President, Weapons Programs, reporting to Korte. Rub-Zenko was most recently Vice President, Integrated Missile Defense.

Network and Space Systems

  • Rick Baily, 50, becomes Vice President and General Manager of Combat Systems, reporting to Krone. Baily was previously Vice President and General Manager, C3 Networks.
  • Nan Bouchard, 49, is named Vice President and General Manager, C3 Networks, reporting to Roger Krone, President of IDS Network and Space Systems. Bouchard previously served as Vice President of IDS Engineering.
  • Craig Cooning, 57, is named Vice President and General Manager, Space and Intelligence Systems, reporting to Krone. Cooning, previously Vice President and Deputy General Manager of Space and Intelligence Systems, replaces Howard Chambers, who began a special assignment earlier this month on the 787 program at Boeing Commercial Airplanes.
  • Gregg Martin, 46, becomes Vice President and Program Manager, Future Combat Systems, reporting to Baily and replacing Muilenburg. Martin previously led systems-of-systems integration for FCS.
  • Ginger Barnes, 49, moves to Vice President and Deputy Program Manager, Future Combat Systems. Barnes most recently led Weapons Programs.
  • Jack Chenevey, 60, is named Program Manager, SBInet. Chenevey previously was Director, Program Development, Advanced Systems.

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