EOS’ LAUNCH EVENT: First Step for the Creation of an Integrated Security Market

More than 350 stakeholders from the public and private sectors, at national and European level, participated in the two sessions of the conference organized by EOS (European Organization for Security) in Brussels on 14 and 15 May on the occasion of the EOS Launch Event.
During the conference, the current fragmentation of the security market in Europe was denounced as the main factor that weakens the responses of national governments and the private sector to citizens’ requests for “protection” and a clear warning was unanimously addressed to overcome this. impasse through the adoption of a collaborative model of action.
In addition, the EOS working groups (“suppliers” and “users”) illustrated the lines of action that can be taken with regard to:
• security and surveillance of the external borders
• civil protection
• protection of Critical Infrastructures
• ICT network and data security
• safety of energy infrastructures
• transport safety
• supply chain security

In his speech, Gustavo Scotti di Uccio, Deputy Chairman, Member of the Board of Directors of EOS and coordinator of the Working Group on security and surveillance of the external borders, confirmed that EOS can contribute, by virtue of its industrial expertise, to the realization of a Integrated Security at European level operating in terms of “open non-competitive expert panel” for the creation of “feasible, achievable and cost effective proposal solutions”.
In a crucial moment like the present one in which security is perceived as a priority at the international political level, Europe remains handicapped due to the fragmentation of the European security market in which wide national, regional and sectoral differences remain and the absence of a sustainable industrial policy at European level.

If public priorities and public funding policies direct this emerging market, the private sector is the protagonist providing the tools for the realization of public objectives. Therefore, the role of companies, through their partnership in EOS, is crucial for their effective achievement.

EOS is a company established on July 27, 2007 and brings together companies (large, medium and small) and associations active in the security sector in Europe.
The main objective pursued by the shareholders through their participation in EOS is to collaborate for the creation of a “common European market” of European security that integrates public (“policy makers”) and private (“suppliers” and “users”) interests. acting as a meeting point and confluence of the different strategies at international, national and local level.

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