The major international security challenges in 2010: Italy’s role and vision

Intervention of: Franco Frattini, Italian Minister for Foreing Affairs :  The full document in, 100125 The major international security challenges

 “in 2010 we face an “arch of instability” which stretches from the Horn of Africa and the Arabian peninsula to Central Asia. A challenge that poses serious threats to international security and means that we cannot manage the regional crises – Somalia, Yemen, Iran and Afghanistan – as completely separate issues. They present some common aspects on which to reflect.

… … …

in managing all these security challenges transatlantic cooperation is and remains crucial. When global security is at stake, although we need to count on the responsibility and contribution of all, there is only one indispensable G2: the G2 of the United States and Europe. A different Europe. With a global role and a global mindset. A Europe that speaks with a single voice on the international stage. A Europe with the ability to produce peace and security.”

Source. School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS)

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