EU: 20 mln for research to Selex SI

The European Union has approved funding of almost € 20 million for two projects coordinated by Selex Sistemi Integrati in the second edition of the ban “Call Security” of the Seventh Framework Program. This was announced by the company of the Finmeccanica group, noting that he won the highest share of the approximately 118 million available. Projects Seabilla and Custom work two international consortia form of industry, SMEs, research institutes and universities in ten European countries.

Seabilla – explains Selex SI – aims to improve the performance of maritime surveillance systems, including space systems for Earth observation, the coastal ones, those ships, those that are installed on airplanes, with or without pilot and innovative systems such as radar passive. The research will deepen the study of net-centric architecture to integrate, effectively and economically, surveillance systems so heterogeneous. Seabilla also provides for the examination of innovative technologies for smelting and processing of data for tracking, classification, identification and assessment of the behavior of automated vessels.

Custom apply sophisticated technologies to photonic control needs for goods of European customs, to prevent the trafficking of drugs. Is to develop a chemical sensor based on the integration of photo-acoustic spectroscopy with high sensitivity and high selectivity lfluorescenza biochemistry. From the project should draw on a low-cost, compact and portable, able to run fast screening of numerous chemical compounds and discrimination, reducing false alarms and increasing the likelihood of detection

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