Telephonics: Advanced ATM Automation System

Telephonics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation, and a leader in providing advanced air traffic management solutions, announced today the launch of its newest and most advanced Air Traffic Management (ATM) automation system, Aerotrac®NextGen. This system is the latest update to its highly successful AeroTrac® ATC system line which improves the operational efficiency at congested airports, leading to an increase in flight handling capacity and a reduction in flight delays while simultaneously reducing costs and increasing revenues for both the airports and the airlines.

“The AAerotrac®NextGen system brings best-in-class capabilities in air traffic management to customers requiring the most advanced and field proven technologies,” said Mr. Donald Pastor, President of Telephonics’ Electronic Systems Division. “Telephonics’ ATM systems have been selected for their advanced capabilities and flexibility. The ease of making upgrades through insertion of new technology allows for more accurate tracking, improved safety, and reduced controller workloads.”
Telephonics’ Electronic Systems Division (ESD) is a world leader in both the Defense and Civil Air Traffic Control markets for advanced automation systems and secondary surveillance radars. The Electronic Systems Division also specializes in Integrated Security Systems and Products for the Homeland Security and Anti-Terrorism/Force Protection market. ESD is recognized for its superior technology and ability to rapidly integrate sophisticated system solutions incorporating state-of-the-art hardware and software designs.
Telephonics’ air traffic control and air traffic management systems are widely used in Asia and in Eastern Europe. Telephonics has been active in the aviation market in China since 1985 when it installed the Air Traffic Control system at the Guangzhou International Airport. In 1995, Telephonics began installation of its ATC systems in various other locations throughout China, Korea, and Croatia. Since that time, Telephonics has successfully installed over 20 AeroTrac systems throughout the world.

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