Lessons Learned: 8.8M$ to ManTech Co.

ManTech Awarded $8.8M from NATO to Support Analysis of Worldwide Operations Will Support the Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre in Monsanto, Portugal and Worldwide. They received a five-year contract from NATO’s Supreme Allied Command Transformation to support their Joint Analysis and Lessons Learned Centre (JALLC).

The JALLC is NATO’s lead agency for the analysis of operations, exercises, training and experiments, and for the collection and communication of lessons learned. JALLC deploys teams worldwide to support NATO, analyzing all aspects of the Alliance’s work at the operational and strategic levels. JALLC’s base in Monsanto, near Lisbon, Portugal also hosts NATO’s Lessons Learned Database, where lessons are captured, stored and processed.

ManTech operational analysts will serve on JALLC analysis teams and assist in data collection and analysis for ongoing as well as emergent NATO operations. JALLC’s analysis process embraces all aspects of an operational issue, from doctrine and training to operational processes, logistical support, command and control, and communication processes.

“ManTech has extensive experience supporting worldwide national security missions,” said Louis Addeo, President, Technical Services Group, ManTech International Corporation. “In fact, many facets of our Smart Power ‘whole of government’ issues solution closely mirror NATO’s efforts to identify and benefit from best practices and lessons learned. We are excited to be able to offer our expertise to help accomplish JALLC’s important mission.”

Source : ManTech International Corp

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