Dutch ATC Systems integrated COMSOFT’s ARTAS, RMD and RRR into their Air Operation Control Station (AOCS

Last month the Royal Air Force of The Netherlands (RNLAF) integrated further innovative COMSOFT equipment into their existing topology. The replacement of the affected predecessor systems are part of the customer’s drive to modernise their two ATC systems primarily used for monitoring and coordinating military flight operations of the Royal Netherlands Air Force. All new components were stipulated to be in line with the European infrastructure programmes SESAR and PENS.

In particular, COMSOFT supplied two advanced surveillance data processing systems of the type ARTAS, as well as the reliable and well-proven recording platform RRR. The latter one is equipped with extended storage capacity, online archiving features and increased throughput rates in order to cope with increased data volumes caused by the introduction of mode S radars and ADS-B sources. Furthermore, RNLAF received the latest version of the well-proven radar monitoring display RMD with advanced features for monitoring radar performance and analysing recorded data.

The recently installed systems enhance and extend the overall scope of performance with state-of-the-art software and hardware modules. Each new element was tailored for utmost compatibility in order to assimilate into the existing infrastructure, including further COMSOFT systems such as the front-end processor RMCDE and the surveillance data test and reference tool RAPS.

Source : COMSOFT GmbH

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