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Terrorism cell used to fund Islamic network dismantled

Five people were arrested in Italy, Britain and France as part of an investigation into the funding of a network of Islamic terrorism.

This was announced in The Hague, Eurojust, the European body for judicial cooperation.

In Italy two people have been arrested in Milan and Rome as part of an investigation conducted by Italian police since 2007. Two other people were arrested in Britain and another in France.
Organization funded Islamic terrorism.

The dismantled criminal organization was specialized in illegal immigration and drug trafficking in order to “finance Islamic terrorism.”

Its members are suspected of having trafficked into Italy via Iran, Turkey and Greece, Pakistanis and Afghans with false identity documents.

Once in Italy, the immigrants were taken to Germany, Sweden, Belgium, Britain and Norway.

Eurojust notes had “facilitated” the judicial cooperation between countries concerned.

Source Il Messaggero di Roma

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