Automated license plate readers to be installed across Northeast Ohio

The City of Cleveland is leading the new Automated License Plate Reader program to track down stolen cars or those with law enforcement alerts. There will be 42 readers across Lorain, Cuyahoga, Geauga, Lake and Ashtabula counties and at Cleveland Hopkins Airport.
ALPR systems consist of high-speed cameras combined with sophisticated computer algorithms capable of converting the images of license plates into computer-readable data, automatically comparing the plates against key databases (e.g., stolen and wanted vehicles), and stamping the date, time and location at which the image was captured.
The total cost of $580,260 includes the units, software and installation and was primarily funded using Recovery Act, Edward Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant and State Homeland Security Program dollars.
While some units have already been deployed, the program is expected to be completely up and running by the end of August.
The Cleveland Department of Public Safety Office of Homeland Security, Grants and Technology will host the server for the entire region and retain the contract with vendor Elsag North America.
A working group with representatives from across the region will assist in managing use of the ALPR.
Records will be retained for 90 days unless held for investigation.

Kim Wendel WKYC.COM

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