DRS Introduces a Multi-Payload Micro-Gimbal for Manned and Unmanned Applications

DRS Technologies, Inc. has introduced a high-performance, low-cost EO/IR micro-gimbal for use in reconnaissance, surveillance, and target acquisition missions.

Designed for payload-constrained platforms the i2i-3 is optimal for unmanned aerial, ground or surface vehicles.

The ultra-compact i2i-3 gimbal packages three payloads (LWIR camera, visible camera and laser pointer) into a 3.5 inch diameter, gyro-stabilized, single LRU package weighing less than 1.5 pounds.

The long wave infrared camera’s (LWIR) high pixel density maximizes resolution and when combined with the gimbal gyro-stabilization, delivers crystal-clear, stable imagery under virtually any conditions – including high or low frequency vibration, platform roll or pitch and yaw.

The i2i-3’s 50mW, 850nm laser pointer provides pinpoint accuracy for the identification of targets of interest and ground troop coordination.

Leveraging its industry-leading infrared detector technology, DRS’ i2i-3 enables optimized performance in an extremely small, lightweight, low-power package.

The i2i-3 was designed to survive worst-case shock loads as well as submersion into water during UAV crash landing scenarios.

This new micro-gimbal is MIL-qualified for immersion, humidity, rain, wind, salt fog, sand, dust, acceleration, shock, vibration and EMI/EMC.

Rigorous environmental design specifications coupled with use of proven components, have resulted in a micro-gimbal of advanced ruggedization and reliability. Its proven, uncooled VOx microbolometer technology delivers 320×240 resolution standard, upgradeable to 640×480.

Bob Klaver, vice president, Aviation/Maritime EO, DRS Reconnaissance, Surveillance & Target Acquisition (RSTA): “Our goal was to create a miniature, multi-payload product that would set new performance standards at a low-cost. We succeeded by producing a sensor system that delivers the most capability in its size and weight class.”

“Unmanned vehicles promise to play an increasingly important role in combat in the years to come. We are pleased to be contributing technology that will make these devices more effective than ever before.”

Source : DRS Technologies Inc., A Finmeccanica Company

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