Harris Receives $69 M for C4I in Asia

Harris Corporation has received orders totaling $69 million from a nation in Asia to support the next phase of a comprehensive command, control and intelligence system.

Harris will provide an integrated regional C4I infrastructure that will significantly enhance the nation’s ability to perform border security, counter-terrorism and humanitarian relief operations. The solution provides voice, video and data communication links between front-line peacekeepers and senior command leadership.

“Command, control and intelligence depends on collecting, then communicating, situational awareness information to the right personnel at the right place and time,” said Andy Start, president, international business unit, Harris RF Communications. “Harris is providing an end-to-end solution based on our industry-leading portfolio of interoperable tactical communication products and high-performance embedded information security. Enabled by enhanced bandwidth, our system will provide advanced mission applications to address the customer’s needs today, and provides an architecture to meet their emerging requirements of tomorrow.”

Key system elements include:

  • Falcon Track(tm) Situational Awareness Software, which provides commanders with real-time tracking of their forces equipped with Harris radios. Falcon Track plots individual paths over detailed terrain imagery to show direction and movement.
  • Falcon Fighter(tm), an integrated body-worn system of soldier-centric technologies. Falcon Fighter includes the RF-7800S Secure Personal Radio, helmet-mounted video cameras and body-worn tactical video processors designed for elite forces.
  • A full suite of software-defined tactical radios from the Harris Falcon III(r) RF-7800 family. This includes the lightweight RF-7800S for full-duplex voice and data communications over 2 kilometers; RF-7800V VHF combat net radio for high-speed voice and data; RF-7800M for wideband mobile ad-hoc tactical communications, and the RF-7800W High-Capacity Line-of-Sight Internet Protocol (IP) data radio.
  • Strategic networking and computing.
  • A full in-country training and logistics support package. Harris will also be extending its long-term commitment to build a world-class team of dedicated nationals in the country.

Source : Harris Corporation

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