Raytheon: Clear View Security Solutions for Border Control

Raytheon Company is launching its new Clear View family of security solutions for border security, critical infrastructure protection and other security needs. The Clear View system that integrates and consolidates data from multiple sources to provide rapid situational awareness, accurate threat assessment and quick decision-making for enhanced security management.

“Raytheon has applied its industry-leading expertise in providing mission-critical solutions for our military and government customers and has used that experience to develop the Clear View system,” said Andy Zogg, Raytheon Network Centric Systems vice president of Command and Control Systems. “The result is a highly comprehensive, effective and affordable system that helps customers address a full range of security needs so people and valuable assets are protected.”

The Clear View systems’ scalable architecture supports all types of security applications, from protecting a single-site facility to a 1,000-mile border. Its sensor management and data correlation tracking capabilities significantly reduce false alarms. As a result, operators are less distracted and more focused on real security threats. In addition, the Clear View system’s open architecture easily and seamlessly integrates with third-party software and hardware and can quickly evolve as security requirements change.

Source : Raytheon Corporation

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