FAA: $1.4billion to Lockheed Martin To Prime NISC III

IFR Operations in the NAS

Lockheed Martin has been selected by the Federal Aviation Administration to lead its latest performance-based contract – the National Airspace System Integration Support Contract (NISC) III.

According to the FAA, NISC-III is a follow-on contract that will provide continued support for transition, integration, and implementation of selected FAA national airspace system (NAS) modernization and NAS support programs, including the Capital Investment Plan (CIP) and successor plans.

The task order, cost-plus-award-fee contract starts with a 4-year base award valued at $500 million, but the 10-year award is worth nearly $1.4 billion provided all options are exercised. Lockheed Martin was the incumbent vendor supporting the FAA’s NISC II contract.

“Our team brings a long-standing partnership with the FAA on the NISC program. We also provide the skills and capabilities necessary to support the Next Generation Air Transportation System and other key initiatives inherent to the NISC environment,” said Rick Hieb, vice president of the Exploration and Science division within Lockheed Martin’s Information Systems and Global Solutions-Civil organization.

NISC provides services and integration planning for equipment and infrastructure improvements for NAS modernization. NISC task orders enable quick access to an array of experts with high-level technical, engineering and information technology capabilities where FAA needs to implement or integrate equipment, components or related capital projects.

Broad in scope, the NISC III contract provides critical technical and planning assistance to a wide range of FAA organizations across multiple functional areas. These functional areas represent a diverse set of work activities requiring a broad range of labor categories and skill levels within each labor category.

The contract is required to implement a highly visible, complex, large-scale, geographically dispersed integration effort that supports approximately 1,000 management and technical personnel.

Source: Lockheed Martin

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