SDA report “Fine-tuning EU border security” is published

Download the light-version of the document HERE. –

On September 29, in Brussels, the Security and Defence Agenda hosted a roundtable debate bringing together key voices on border security from both sides of the Atlantic. Together, they discussed the changing function of borders and assessed the EU’s ability to turn its internal and external borders into intelligent filters, which facilitate commerce and exchange within a wider security network.

Europe’s free movement of people and the borderless Schengen zone has seen a growing emphasis on policing the EU’s external borders. But it is far from clear whether the policy responses of national governments and of the EU institutions themselves have been costeffective or indeed effective at all. What methods seem best suited to stemming illegal immigration and addressing organised criminal activities like drug smuggling and human trafficking?
With EU policymakers concerned to standardise practices that range from the repatriation of undesirables to personal passenger data, what level of EU-wide coordination is desirable?

AOS consider interesting to share this debate: you will find attached the principal conclusions.

The Security & Defence Agenda (SDA) is a Brussels-based think-tank where EU institutions, NATO, national governments, industry, specialised and international media, think tanks, academia and NGOs gather to discuss the future of European and transatlantic security and defence policies in Europe and worldwide.

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