Agostino Miozzo: EEAS Managing Director for Crisis Response and Operational Coordination

Starting Jan 1, 2011 Dr Miozzo (CV Agostino Miozzo) will became the Managing Director for Crisis Response and Operational Coordination in the European External Action Service (EEAS) within the Foreign Affairs and Security Policy/Commission.
The extensives experiences of Dr Miozzo will be surely a great benefit for the whole EU community. Sharing experiences, positive or negative they are, always brings a grow of knowledge. In occasion of Miozzo’s nomination we publish the recording of two speeches done at the 3rd HS Conference held in Washington with the sponsorship of The George Washington University and SELEX Sistemi Integrati, sharing the experiences done in two dramatic events: the Katrina Hurricane and the L’Aquila Earthquake.
“…preparedness is difficult and managing risks and not consequences defines the success, but that creates a great commitment of leaders to resource constrained environment. But if we win or we lose or we succeed or we fail will be a function of Leadership” said Dr Scott Wells (CV Scott Wells), who worked with FEMA for 11 years and was the federal coordinating officer for both Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
“The future will not bring self-sufficiency; on the contrary, the future will enhance the need of sharing
experiences, share a common language and a common code of conduct. Only if we know what to do, how to ask for international assistance, we shall be able to manage the future crises, and to reduce our
vulnerability” added Agostino Miozzo in the subsequent intervention.

You will find both in this month’ “Best Sharing Document” to download here: 101200 Catastrophic event management / .

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