Airports / Objective IATA reduce lost luggage 50%

Tajani: Impressive numbers. There is common concern about issues

Despite the improvements, said the vice president of the EU Commission and Chairman of the Committee for Transport (designated for that industry), Antonio Tajani, “the figures remain impressive.” In the world, data updated to 2008, each year about 33 million of luggage are lost, 90 thousand per day, almost six million in Europe. In the winter of 2008-2009 – he added – the rate of loss was 13 per thousand compared to 15.5 per thousand of the previous winter.

Should do more. Tajani has also recognized that the issue of luggage “is a common and converging interests because the dispute injure everyone from passengers to industry.”

Speaking on these issues, the chairman of the House Transportation Committee, Mario Valducci, emphasized “the need to increase investment in infrastructure to increase security.”  The debate has highlighted how the synergies between companies and institutions can be the right way in this direction. For the president and CEO of Finmeccanica, Pier Francesco Guarguaglini, in fact, “the baggage handling issue is connected to security at airports and baggage tracking is going in the right direction.
For added security – according Guarguaglini – it is necessary to use new technologies and companies can give a vital contribution. ElsagDatamat in baggage handling and SELEX Sistemi Integrati for the global management of security can do their part. ENAC meanwhile – he concluded – will guide and stimulate this development because a customer is more demanding than the industry can be at the forefront. “

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