SELEX SI: Kronos AESA Radar to Royal Thai Navy and the Royal Thai Air Force

The system which will be supplied to the Royal Thai Navy will equip the Royal Navy Air and Coastal Defence Command and be settled in an area in the South of Bangkok. It will be integrated within the air surveillance network of the Royal Thai Navy.

The system which will be supplied to the Royal Thai Air force will be installed in the Eastern region of Thailand and connected with the Royal Thai Air defence system.

KRONOS is a multifunctional radar system able to expand the missile and air defence also against threats today retained insidious for the national security, such as cruise missiles and low altitude UAVs both when these are employed as stand-alone threats for terroristic attacks in peaceful times and when in use in a multiple deployment, which is typical of attacks brought by military enemies.

The system, thanks to its radar provided with an AESA (Active Electronic Scanned Array) antenna, is able to scan the surrounding space to search for targets, so working as a search radar. Once one or more air threats are identified, it can track them with extreme precision and continuity such as a fire control system. These capabilities are deployed simultaneously and in a very fast an automatic manner.

The AESA technology developed by SELEX Sistemi Integrati has made it possible to completely integrate and transport- also in one single vehicle, if required- the radar system, the last generation phased array IFF, a command and control cell equipped with operational posts and all the necessary equipments for an autonomous running. These peculiarities make the system able to defend critical infrastructures and suitable for land tactical applications which require a high level of mobility.

The over 23 KRONOS systems sold by SELEX Sistemi Integrati, both in land and naval version for surveillance and short and medium range air defence, are nowadays in use in several national and international Armed Forces. The advanced sensor functionalities and the command and control software which equip KRONOS systems allow them to effectively perform several operational roles, a capability which is unique into the market place and which is revealing as increasingly successful.

SELEX Sistemi Integrati has been in Thailand since the first Seventies with its air traffic control systems. In fact the whole approach and en route air traffic control infrastructure has been provided by the Finmeccanica company which has also equipped most of the Thai airports.


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