U.S., EU Sign Agreement on U.S. Participation in EU Crisis Management Operations

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Catherine Ashton signed a framework agreement on the participation of the U.S. in EU crisis management operations. This agreement provides a legal framework for U.S. civilians to participate in EU crisis management missions.

The United States previously negotiated an agreement for its participation in the EU’s Rule of Law mission (EULEX) in Kosovo and an ad hoc arrangement for its participation in the EU’s Security Sector Reform mission (EUSEC) in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This Agreement eliminates the need to negotiate entirely new, separate agreements for future U.S. participation in EU missions.

During their meeting, Secretary Clinton and EU High Representative Ashton discussed a number of issues, including efforts to protect civilians and implement the United Nations Security Council resolution in Libya, the continued violence in Syria, and preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons. Secretary Clinton said, “The United States and the European Union are partners working together on, I think, every global issue and regional challenge that you can imagine.
We’re doing the urgent, the important, and the long-term all at once, and we are united in a transatlantic community that is based on shared democratic values and limitless faith in human potential. (Transcript of Remarks and Video; Blog)

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