SELEX ELSAG offers enhanced radio capability

SELEX ELSAG, a Finmeccanica company, now offers a world-leading FrontLine Soldier Radio (FSR) which takes the company’s experience of market-leading systems, such as the Personal Role Radio and Soldier Radio Plus, to provide an advanced and reliable implementation of next-generation technologies.

The FSR design provides enhanced capability over current Soldier Radios, together with the flexibility for customisation to meet specific needs and support future upgradeability through its modular architecture, which ensures an extended lifetime and the ability to adapt to changing operational requirements.

With a fully integrated C2 module, the FSR can host both Soldier System C2 and Situational Awareness applications within the radio. This avoids the need for an external body-worn computer, thereby reducing system complexity, box and wire count, and cost.

The FSR is a compact Soldier Radio system, with low power consumption, integrated hearing protection and operationally viable Size, Weight and Power (SWAP). It is reliable and robust, and has the ability to survive extremes of operational environment and stress. The FSR meets the most stringent military standards for electrical, mechanical and environmental conditions.

The modular architecture can be equipped with up to two RF transceivers. The current implementation includes a PRR/EZPRR backwards-compatible module; and either the Soldier Broadband Waveform (SBW) or Soldier Narrowband Waveform (SNW) modules for use in congested operational environments. The architecture also supports the future incorporation of user-defined waveforms.

Both UHF waveforms provide the essential dual-net function capability for the Squad Commander who, using a single radio, can monitor both the Squad and Platoon nets simultaneously. The FSR had been designed to support Soldier Radio programmes. It forms part of the SELEX ELSAG Digital Legionary Soldier System being offered to meet a number of major Soldier System requirements.

Phil Robinson, SELEX ELSAG UK Senior Vice-President, says, “This takes forward our family of radios from the world-standard PRR/EZPRR, through the enhanced functionality SSR Plus to the next-generation FSR. We can match all likely user requirements within limited budgets. The FSR is the first narrowband radio which meets the data throughput requirements of the modern battlefield without significant increases in SWAP and/or price, embedding the future warfighter in the digital battlefield”.

Source: Selex

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