Cubic Receives Strategic Port Security Contract in Panama

Cubic Applications, Inc., a mission support services subsidiary of Cubic Corporation, has received a new, nine-month contract from the General Secretariat of the Organization of American States (OAS) to provide seaport security assessments and training for six ports in Panama.

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Cubic’s contract covers the six principal port facilities in Panama, four container ports/terminals, and two cruise ship terminals. It includes the Port of Balboa, located at the Pacific entrance to the Panama Canal, and the Port of Cristobal, Port of Cristobal Cruise Terminal, Manzanillo Container Terminal, Colon Container Terminal, and Colon Cruise Terminal, all located on the Caribbean side of Panama.

“This is a strategic win-win project for both the Organization of American States and Cubic,” stated Al Sargeant, vice president and general manager of the Information Operations Division of Cubic Applications, Inc. “We understand that developing a truly effective maritime security program requires the full support of all maritime industry stakeholders. Cubic looks forward to being an active partner in the combined efforts of the OAS member states, the OAS and its Inter-American Committee against Terrorism (CICTE) to enhance the overall maritime security environment in the Americas. We are committed to do our part to enhance both the safety of passengers and the efficient throughput of cargo, which we recognize as essential to the economic well-being and security of OAS member states.”

“By conducting seaport security training for Panama, the OAS and Cubic are providing an invaluable service to the maritime industry worldwide, since so much of the world’s cargo goes through the Panama Canal,” said Peter Miller, Director of Maritime Security Programs for Cubic Applications, Inc. “Panama is also an important destination for commercial cruise ships. Therefore, the project is an important OAS contribution to the security of passengers throughout the Americas through which Cubic can share not only its security expertise but also make strategic contacts with government and industry leaders.”

Cubic’s Maritime Security Directorate, based in Tampa, Florida, part of the Information Operations Division, will perform the security assessments and training. Cubic will examine physical security, cargo and access controls, customs procedures, critical infrastructure, screening techniques for passengers and crews, passenger and cargo security, and emergency consequence management at each port or terminal.

Cubic’s standard assessments include mitigation strategies and an analysis of the specific skills that security officers require to be effective in security, counterterrorism and law enforcement operations. OAS reviews these assessments and approves training plans.

“We review their overall security posture, and put together a series of reports which we send to the OAS,” Miller stated. “We also conduct a port security training assessment of each of the facilities, and that training report is also submitted to the OAS, who will decide what training to provide.”

Source: Cubic Corporation

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