Future J-ISR

Increasing informational superiority in the age of information

CASD, Oct, 10 2013, Rome, Italy

The workshop is organized by the Center of European Air Forces Studies (CESMA), part of the Italian Air Forces Association.

Workshop Summary:

The acquisition and the appropriate application of J-ISR capabilities will ensure the “Information Superiority” in a century regarded as the “information age.”

ISR activities are taking an increasing role in the execution of a wide range of critical missions: eg: Counter-intelligence and counter-terrorism, Maritime Domain Awareness, Space Defense, Security Communications in a Global Context.

Maximizing the Information Superiority of the situation by J-ISR results not only in an operational advantage on the battlefield, but in an advantage in all areas, air, land, sea, space, and, more recently, cyberspace.

The experience of Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and the increasingly tumultuous Asia-Pacific region has clearly shown the absolute necessity to make a leap forward in technology ISR.

NATO and NATO nations have put in place a program of modernization that requires the upgrade and integration of systems of J-ISR and supporting infrastructure

The conference aims to bring together experts from government and industry to activate within the CESMA a working group to assist in designing the new Italian roadmap post 2020.



  • Strategies for J-ISR application in line with the dynamic changes that occur in the world
  • Analysis of needs and new initiatives
  • Description of the new technologies needed for the development of network interoperability
  • Commonality and Lessons Learned from the civilized world or by other technologies
  • Development and integration of systems J-ISR
  • Assess the gaps in J-ISR and how they were addressed by other countries with an overview of possible solutions to the study
  • Maximize the efficiency and the use of J-ISR systems through early training .






opening remarks:

8.30   Welcome (the Commander of the Center of the High Military Studies & the Director of CESMA)


8:35   Introduction to the theme of the workshop: Future J-ISR requirements and application strategy in a dynamic and changing environment – CESMA


Keynote briefingS:

8:45   THE increasing situational knowledge and operational advantage via JSR: Evaluating the particular needs for the future J-ISR capability A Roadmap for the Way Forward” (Gen B.A. AArnn Pil Giuseppe Gimondo – ITA MoD Staff – Deputy Mng VI Dep C4I Systems and Transformation)

  • Overview of future methods for information sharing
  • Discussing optimal methods of generating actionable intelligence
  • Adopting integrated technology
  • Discussing the latest advances in JISR solutions and the benefits they provide
  • Considering the latest methods of increasing situational awareness and interoperability

9:15   future trends in NATO on situational awareness and INTEROPERABILITY (Dr. Richard H. Wittstruck (US MoD – chair NATO JCGISR)

9:45   evolution of Social Networks using new smart-technologies – (Dr. Andrea Margelletti: Ce.S.I. – Centro Studi Internazionali)

Coffee break

Future JISR = UNIFIED VISION IN Delivering informational superiority

11:00 Confronting challenges in sharing information throughout the chain of command – NATO UV2014 – Confronting challenges to increasing interoperability between C2 and ISR systems (Dr. Rob Munday NATO NIAG SG172 Chairman)


INDUSTRY response

11:20 Use of Cyber/ESM methodologies to improve JISR

–      Considering the best approaches for cyber protection of ISR networks (SELEX ES)

–      Capitalizing on the opportunity to learn about the latest advances in ESM (ELT)


12:00 The future of J-ISR combining multitude of sensors / information

–      ISR Support to Small Tactical Units – “Keep It Simple” – (SELEX ES)



12:40 Big data processing

–      The Future of Motion Imagery Exploitation (Ing Filippo Gemma, General Manager GM Spazio).


13:00 The future of Aerial Surveillance

–       An opportunity for a new ISR APR CONOPS – (Ing Antonio Maglione – Piaggio Technical Director)

Conclusive remarks

13:30 Vision of the future – (ITA MOD – Gen S.A Lodovisi)

13:45 Next Steps and CESMA proposal for a dedicated WG – Analysing the current gaps faced by existing J-ISR capabilities and the potential solutions being considered / benefits that enhanced J-ISR capabilities can bring to integrate a force (CESMA – Gen Cardinali)



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