Perimeter-security systems for border security applications in S.Korea

The manufacturer of the British border and perimeter-security radar system known as Blighter is working together with a South Korean company to supply Blighter radar systems for applications in South Korea.
Plextek Ltd. in Great Chesterford, England, which makes the Blighter intruder-detection radar is working with Nuriplan Co. Ltd., a provider of landscape services based in Gimpo-si, South Korea, to supply Blighter radars to the South Korean market.
The Blighter electronic-scanning (e-scan) FMCW Doppler ground surveillance radar (GSR) provides intruder detection in difficult terrain and weather conditions. The border- and perimeter-security radar has no mechanical moving parts, and require no routine maintenance for five years.
The Blighter radar can operate over land and water to search for intruders as small a crawling person, kayaks. and even low-flying objects. In its long-range modes the Blighter radar can scan an area larger than 1,800 square miles to detect, identify, and intercept intruders before they reach critical areas.
The agreement gives Plextek a supply channel for its radar systems, while Nuriplan will use its connections in South Korean government, commercial and military markets to support Blighter sales, including local manufacturing of the radars, training and technical support for customers, and localization of the radar software.
Blighter radars are already operational in South Korea and for more than a year have been providing border surveillance in what is considered one of the world’s most mountainous countries with environmental extremes of -30 degrees Celsius in winter and a humid 40 C in summer.
In South Korea the Blighter radar provide persistent surveillance to search for illegal immigrants and enable border patrol agents to intercept them. The Blighter radars work 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, monitoring borders for any human, vehicle or low-flying aircraft incursions. Posted by John Keller

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