CyberSecurity or Cyberwar

The  13th and 14th  of April, at the premises of the CASD (Centro Alti Studi Difesa) in Rome,  the AFCEA Rome Chapter held a conference titled “CyberSecurity or Cyberwar”, dealing with the new threats coming from the cyberspace, policies and technical solutions to face them. The conference was organized by AFCEA and the AirForce Association  with the support of the OSN (National Organisation for Security) and the CESMA (Centre for  Military Aeronautical Studies).

The conference was organized into four sessions, to follow a path that, starting from a deep context analysis, could approach how industries and institutions are organizing their activities to react against cyber threats in terms of technology, procedures, organizations and common rules.

To this aim the first session focused on the analysis of cyber threats, followed by a second and third session both rich of presentations from different companies introducing their solutions, with concluding remarks from major institutions about their approach to this new domain.

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