DRS Technologies Offers Competitively Priced IO Thermal Surveillance Camera for Security and Surveillance

DRS Technologies, Inc., announced the availability of its WatchMaster® IP Elite thermal imaging camera, which provides commercial operations with the ability to replace conventional low-light surveillance and security cameras with affordable devices that produce superior imagery in total darkness and adverse weather conditions.
The WatchMaster® IP Elite, produced by the Reconnaissance, Surveillance and Target Acquisition (RSTA) Group of DRS, is now available starting at $1,999 for the 40° field of view model.
At this extremely competitive price, businesses, government facilities, schools, utilities and other organizations that require demanding 24/7 surveillance can employ thermal capabilities to help heighten their security.
The WatchMaster® IP Elite detects infrared (heat) waves instead of visible light, allowing it to display a sharp 320 x 240 pixel image through haze, dust, smoke, light fog and dark of night, conditions that severely limit performance of alternative imaging systems in low-light and other challenging environments. RSTA’s infrared technology clearly displays potential threats that would be difficult or impossible to detect with conventional cameras.
“Many commercial operations today have found value in surveillance cameras that operate in low-light conditions. However, the ability to advance their security systems to thermal infrared technology has been hampered by the historically high cost of those devices, until now,” says RSTA President Terry Murphy.
“RSTA has introduced high-performance infrared technology into the commercial market place at a price comparable to that of conventional low-light cameras,” added Murphy.
The WatchMaster® IP Elite supports Power over Ethernet (PoE) and consumes less than 15 watts of power while supporting video, camera control and power over a single, tamper-resistant cable connection. The fixed-mount, fixed-focus, thermal IP camera is conformant to the ONVIF™ standard. As a result, this lightweight, low cost, thermal camera can be easily integrated into existing security infrastructures.
Source : DRS Technologies Inc

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