Cyber Security or Cyber War ?

Hosted by “Centro Alti Studi della Difesa (CASD)” on the 13 and 14th of June,  AFCEA Rome Chapter organised , together with the ITA AirForces Association (AAA) a two day seminar  ”Cyber Security or Cyber War”, in collaboration with CESMA and OSN organizations.

Gen Stefano Panato, CASD President, opened the conference underlining the role of CASD in research and in particular in Cyber space, both in terms of defence and attack. Adm Cristiano Bettini, Deputy Chef of Staff of the IT MoD, introduced the workshop and described the new Italian Mod Cyberdefence policy.

The event was organized in four sessions: the first one describing “scenarios and implications”

–      T.Col. Monaci, Observatory for National Security, reported about “The menaces”, addressing how the evaluation of menaces is part of a security cycle, to be combined with vulnerability assessment.

–      Professor Piccirilli, Foreign Affairs Ministry, provided an analysis of the context in his speech “Analyis and geopolitical vision”.

–      Mrs Luisa Franchina, Office of the President of the Ministers Conseil, presented the relationships between critical infrastructure protection and cybersecurity in her speech titled “The impact on the National system and the link with EU”

–      Adm De Felice, CID Difesa, in his intervention titled “Impact on Defence organization and aerospace security, underlined the role of MoD in defining new domains and addressed the correlation between Infoassurance, Cyberdefence and Infosharing.

–      Mr Antonio Apruzzese, Italian National Postal and Communications Police, described how cyber attacks may impact on daily activities in his speech about “ The effect on citizens”.

–      Mr Raul Chiesa, cyber expert and consultant, presented “The hacker’s point of view”, starting from old attacks to new kind of attacks, often supported by state organizations.

–      Dott. Corasanti, Ministry of Justice, introduced the legal and juridical aspects connected with the contrast to cybercrimes with an intervention “ Effects on rules and laws”

Gen Ltd Pietro Finocchio chaired the second session on “The Industry and Academy initiatives “, underlining how the AFCEA Rome chapter is supporting several initiatives on cyber.

–      Mr. Giorgio Mosca, Selex Elsag  presented “Cooperation and Intelligence for security governance”, stressing the need for a Cyber Security and Defence Situational Awareness to promote coordinated actions at international level.

–      Mr Marco Don Francesco, SELEX Sistemi Integrati, gave a speech on “ The vulnerability of complex military systems and cyberwarfare”.

–      Prof R. Setola, “Which strategies for security: human factors and technological innovation”, analysed new approaches based on the analysis of effects more related than causes.

–      Mrs Pistoia, Elettronica SpA, presented the company’s vision and approach in her speech titled “the Electronic warfare in the 5th dimension”.

–      Mr Braccioli, RESI Group, presented “ New instruments for prevention and mitigation in support to Cyber Defence”

–      Mr Baroni, Daman Group, with his speech titled “ Global protection of sensitive information: dream or reality? “ completed the first day of the conference.

The second day of the conference was opened by Gen Ltd Pietro Finocchio that also chaired the third session “The Industry and Academy initiatives”:

–      Mr Carignani, IBM, introduced how the company is focusing on cybersecurity with new solutions

–      Mr Romeo, McAfee, presented “ How to contrast threats to critical infrastructures: the McAfee approach

–      Mr. M. Cosentino, Vitrociset, gave a speech on “applications of innovation to Critical National Infrastructure Protection, with an overview of the main R&D Vitrociset initiatives

–      Mr Di Capua, HP, presented the “The HP enterprise Security, an integrated architecture to contrast Information warfare threats efficiently

–      Mr. A. Capobianco, FATA informatica, illustrated Sentinet3, a new tool whose application on networks can increase security

–      Mr Fowler introduced “The importance of securing high –value physical and virtual infrastructures”, concluding the third session.

Gen Nazzareno CARDINALI, CESMA, chaired the fourth session dedicated to “the Institutional answers”

–      Ltn De Falco provided a description of the NATO Cyber Centre of Excellence of Tallin” dedicated to research and development in the cyberwarfare

–      Mr Vulpiano, Italian Ministry of Interior, presented “The evolution of the Cyber Threats, ranging from Cybercrime and espionage to Cyberwar

–      Mr Giancarlo Grasso, Finmeccanica group, in his speech titled “Cyberwarfare and Cyber intelligence: NATO-UE a challenge to face together, underlining that industry  is envisaging a unified governance EU and NATO

–      Mr F Signore, IBM introduced the IBM vision about security, based on instruments that support a complete precision cycle

–      Ten. Col. Monaci e Mrs Anna La Rosa introduced “ Answers from the National Organisation for Security”, reporting about the CyberWorld initiative, a working group focuse on both social and technological aspects of Cybersecurity

–      Mrs. R. Farsi, Italian Ministry for Economic Development, presented “ the activities of the Institute in the field of cybersecurity, consolidated through the participation in the ENISA European trials.

–      Mr. L. Del Monte, ESA ,in his speech titled “Space and cyberspace” described the relationship between the security of space systems, as part of cyber infrastructures.

–      Mr. Messina ACEA presented the ACEA network infrastructures to underline how cyber threats modified the approach to security to guarantee business continuity in power and water distribution.

–      Mr Fiumara , Ferrovie dello Stato, presented “The Italian Railways: an example of critical infrastructure” detailing how different threats can impact on the services provided.

–      Gen Favara, Italian Minister of Conseil , presented the “Role of the DIS-UCS within the national system for cybersecurity, closing the final session.

Gen. Cardinali closed the conference thanking all organizers in particular the OSN , Adm Accardo (AFCEA) and Gen Battaglia (CESMA) whose effort made the conference a great success for the qualified interventions and attendance.

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