Finmeccanica first level structure and BoD

Organigramma_Gruppo_ennote dtd 15/2/13 : the structure has been changed: please refer to finmeccanica-first-level-structure 

(as per 9 Nov 2012) – With the aim of reducing and make more efficient the Corporate structure, Finmeccanica, in accordance to the 16th of May Board, has reorganized its first level structure.
The General Manager Alessandro Pansa has been assigned the responsibility for the control of the Operational Companies while Finmeccanica US and Finmeccanica UK report to the President and Ceo.
In support to the President and Ceo for normal and extraordinary operations, a Steering Committee has been also constituted.
The current Board of Directors was appointed by the Shareholders’ Meeting on 4 May 2011 for the three-year period 2011- 2013 and was subsequently integrated by co-option on 1 December 2011: it is composed of the following Members: (ref Corporate Governance Report in page 90

  • Giuseppe Orsi (1) – Finmeccanica Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
  • Alessandro Pansa (3) – Finmeccanica General Manager
  • Carlo Baldocci (4) – Diplomatic Advisor and an Advisor to the Minister for Economy and Finance on international economic affairs.
  • Paolo Cantarella (2) – He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Interpartner Spa (real estate) and a member of the BoD of Iren Spa and GVS as well as a member of the Advisory Board of Mandarin Capital Partners and Operating Partner of Advent International.
  • Giovanni Catanzaro (1) – since 2010 he held the office of Sole Director at Lombardia Integrata. From 1995 he is Chairman of the Auto Yachting Club Immobiliare Spa in Catania
  • Dario Galli (1) – since April 2008 he is Provincial President of Varese. He is currently a mechanical contractor.
  • Marco Iansiti (2) – He is currently a Professor at the Graduate School of Business Administration of the University of Harvard where he is also the Head of the Technology and Operations Management Department and head of the Digital Business Initiative. He is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Keystone Strategy, Inc., a management consulting company
  • Silvia Merlo (2) – She is Chief Executive Officer of Merlo SpA Industria Metalmeccanica and Tecnoindustrie Merlo SpA. She holds positions on the Boards of Directors of all the companies belonging to the Merlo Group.
  • Francesco Parlato (1) – He is currently a member of the Policy Committee of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti.
  • Christian Streiff (2) – worked in the Saint-Gobain Group, was Chairman and General Manager of Airbus and Chairman and General Manager of PSA Peugeot Citroen
  • Guido Venturoni (1) – Admiral Venturoni concluded his 50 year military career as Chairman of the Military Committee of NATO in 2002, then Chairman of Selex Communication till 2005.

(1) Directors appointed from the majority list submitted by the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, which holds 30.204% of the share capital.
(2) Directors appointed from a minority list submitted by a group of asset management companies and institutional investors, which hold an overall stake of about 1.063% of the share capital.
(3) He was appointed by co-option by the Board of Directors of 1 December 2011 pursuant to article 2386 of the Italian Civil Code.
(4) He was appointed by a Decree issued by the Ministry for Economy and Finance in agreement with the Minister for Economic Development pursuant to section 5.1 ter of the Company’s By-laws.

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