Selex Finmeccanica to merge businesses by 1 January

“We are consolidating existing technological Excellences to leverage and exploit core capabilities Such as data fusion and real-time processing adjacent growth in new applications.”

The merger of Finmeccanica’s Selex defense electronics business – Selex Galileo, SelexElsag and Selex SI – into a single unit will take place by 1 January 2013 Although the full integration will continue During the first few months of next year.

Selex Electronic Systems (SELEX ES), born from the integration of will be ‘operational since 1st January next.

see also LM, Boeing Reinhmetal etc recent reorganization here

The restructuring of the electronics units will not affect U.S. subsidiary DRS Technologies, Which Bears Following last months is said to “different destiny.” “We are consolidating existing technological Excellences to successfully target current and new markets,” Orsi said, adding: “Everybody knows That there has been overlap in the past and there has been competition.”

The overall strategy is to become a “niche leader”, with expansion into markets adjacent to defense Such as cyber-security, smart infrastructure and crisis / vent management.

Selex ES is a global company with approximately 17,900 employees and plants in Italy (12,500) and the United Kingdom (4800), as well as an important industrial and commercial presence in the United States, Germany, Turkey, Romania, Brazil, Saudi Arabia and India, and a portfolio of customers in five continents.

The new company is organized on three business units: one dedicated avionics (the area in which mainly operates Selex Galileo, ed), a marine and terrestrial systems (the main activity of Selex Sistemi Integrati, ed) and one on security (an activity reference Selex Elsag, ed).

With the grouping of the three companies, and without considering Drs, you pass eighth in the world rankings electronics for defense and security, and now Selex Galileo Selex Sistemi Integrati and SELEX Elsag are respectively the 12th, 22nd and 17th place. “


The Airborne & Space Systems division, includes the activities’ relating to airborne sensors, the unmanned aircraft, electronic warfare systems, the integrated systems for mission simulation systems, drones, star trackers, paylaods and equipment.

Land and Naval Systems division embraces the electro-optic capabilities, the design architectures of complex systems, tactical systems integrated systems, naval combat, naval radar and terrestrial networks for military communications.

Security and Smart Systems division includes the architectures of systems for protection of the territory and critical infrastructure, management of data and people, communication systems, the Information Technology systems and airport marine traffic control.

Across the divisions will operate a Chief Operating Officer which will ensure the garrison of all areas of activity directly related operations’, the competitiveness’, make or buy decisions, production management and standardization, reuse and development of basic technologies platforms and Joint Technology.

Key people

Chairman Allan E. Cook

  • Secretary General  Federico Bonaiuto
  • Executive Director Strategy    Alberto Sarti (acting)
  • Executive Director International Affairs/UK  Simone Guerrini/Philip Pratley
  • Executive Director Internal Audit   TBD

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Fabrizio Giulianini

  • Chief Operating Officer (COO) Alessio Facondo
    • Executive Director Engineering   Marcello Pacifici
    • Executive Director Manufact. & Supply Chain  Alfredo Vitale
    • Chief Information Officer    Mario Rech
    • Executive Director Quality     TBD
    • Executive Director Operational Planning   TBD
    • Integration Team  Alessio Facondo (acting)
  • Chief Financial Officer      Geoff Munday
  • Executive Director HR & Organisation  Riccardo Meloni
  • Executive Director Mktg., Sales & Business Dev. Gianpiero Lorandi
  • Chief Technical Officer    Alberto Sarti
  • Executive Director Procurement    Mario Torre
  • Executive Director International Subsidiaries  Michael Clayforth-Carr
  • Executive Director Communication    Mirta de Benedictis
  • Executive Director Institutional Relations   Simone Guerrini
  • Security Officer      Romolo Bernardi
  • MD Airborne & Space Systems   Norman Bone
  • MD Land & Naval Systems    Lorenzo Mariani
  • MD Security & Smart Systems   Paolo Piccini

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