Huawei is not a spy but it takes the security guru

Huawei has published the Cyber ​​Security White Paper that represent their corporate policy and a kind of defense against those thought to be a danger to Western IT, and, in support, communicate the hiring of the former Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Information Officer of the British Government.

Huawei claim not to be a spy in the service of the Republic of China, neverless in UK the concern in recent weeks has still skyrocketed. Recently the giant Chinese company published a Cyber ​​Security White Paper,  where they addressed the issue of safety and transparency. In short, the fears that the company can take advantage of its leadership in the industry to infiltrate networks western is unfounded.

The topic is very hot in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and India. The respective governments have raised the question of whether or not to exclude the company from major national contracts in the telecommunications

However few days ago the Italian FASTWEB and Huawei declared the signature of a partnership. According to Roberto Loiola, Vice Presidente Western Europe di Huawei: “Huawei offers solutions for the world of telecommunications in line with the highest standards in the industry, and at present there is no evidence that Huawei ever violated any security procedure. In the U.S., Huawei hired an independent third party specialized in safety, such as EWA, to monitor and control their own solutions and certify their safety and reliability, ” and, with regard to the links between the founder and CEO Mr. Ren Zhengfei and the People’s Liberation Army of China, information reported by some American newspapers, such as Newsweek, recalled that “Mr. Ren is just one of many CEOs in the world to have completed military service, but that was almost thirty years ago and the relationship with the army stop at that time. “

Huawei Cyber ​​Security White Paper has been signed by mr Suffolk, former Huawei consultant for the security of the United Kingdom. John Suffolk has left after four years the position of Chief Information Security Officer and Chief Information Officer of His Majesty’s Government to become Head of Global Cyber ​​Security of Huawei. The rules have been complied with as well as the procedures laid down by the Cabinet, it is clear that some in London Department of Homeland Security is in fibrillation for this selection.

In reality, at present Huawei can not be blamed for anything, but it is also fair to say that in the worst case – given that supplies 45 out of 50 of the world’s leading telecommunications operators – the scenario would be nothing short of alarming. If Huawei had been Iranian or from NorthKorean, Uzbek or Somali would change something in the debate?

Translation from Dario d’Elia

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