Italian Defence : Ministerial Guidance on the military policy for the year 2013


Italian Defense initiated a phase of profound change, which is necessary to adapt its structure and organization in compliance to the changing international context and respecting the financial constraints. In this context a “Ministerial Guidance on the military policy for the year 2013” was issued (download here: Direttiva Ministeriale in merito alla politica militare per l’anno 2013).

The Ministerial Guidance was drawn up in line with the provisions of “Delegation to the Government for review of the military and national standards on the same subject”, approved last December by the Parliament.

In summary, the Ministerial Guidance is the policy document that provides a point of reference to guide the process of transformation of Defense, to be achieved due to the revision of the military apparatus.

With this directive,  Defence Minister Di Paola wanted to trace the path that the Italian defense will have to follow in order to continue to be a point of reference for the security of the country, in full coherence and synergy with membership of the euro-Atlantic structures.

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