A tower approach and 3D aerodrome simulator at Farnborough Airport

A tower approach and 3D aerodrome training system has been installed as part of a deal with the airport that includes simulation equipment, software and data provision.

The system provides a facility to practice new procedures and techniques, either locally at the airport or by connecting remotely to simulation experts based at NATS’ head office in Fareham.

This includes being able to access ‘pseudo-pilot’ simulation, where a trainer responds to commands just like a real pilot.

Dan Foster, NATS’ General Manager at TAG Farnborough Airport, said: “The new system will not only allow us to increase the amount and quality of our training locally, but will also provide the flexibility of remote support from our training specialists based in Fareham.”

The Ace simulator is used across NATS for training, system validation and research and development. This means controllers can hook into much larger simulations running across NATS for testing future air traffic management systems and concepts.

Roger Walker, Director Airport Operations at TAG Farnborough Airport said: “We are pleased to be able to provide the latest in training and simulation technology. We will continue to work with NATS to ensure that our air traffic control team is the best in the business and that our air traffic environment is operated to the highest industry standards.”

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