£2m fund per year for UK Global Centre for Cyber Security Capacity Building

The Centre, to be based in Oxford Martin School at University of Oxford, will become a leading global resource for understanding how to achieve effective cyber security, and will work with the UK and other countries to deliver a safer cyber space.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Strategy aims to build the capacity we need in the UK to tackle cyber-threats, ensure resilience and cooperate internationally. In cyberspace, we are all interdependent and often only as secure as the weakest link. All countries need the capacity to tackle cyber threats to protect their own and others’ online interests.

Foreign Secretary William Hague said: “The new Global Centre for Cyber Security and Capacity Building … will coordinate global work on cyber threats and cyber policies which will help protect the UK’s security. We are dedicating £500,000 per year to this centre to be a beacon of expertise and put the UK at the forefront of cyber policy development. … to increase global efforts to raise cyber security, the UK has committed a £2m fund per year from the National Cyber Security Programme. The establishment of the Global Centre for Cyber-Security Capacity Building is a key element of the UK contribution to these international efforts. Its research will help define global priorities for capacity building and it will work with a wide range of partners including other Governments, international organisations, and the private sector, to ensure increased and more effective efforts against the wide range of cyber issues and threats.”

The Oxford Martin School’s purpose is to address critical challenges of the future. ‘Capacity’ includes having comprehensive national programmes and the policies, cooperation, skills and workforce, technology and expertise to tackle online threats and reduce harm, while ensuring cyberspace supports innovation, economic growth and social benefits.

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