F35: A Scapegoat

Italian Center of AirForces Military Studies (CESMA), May 14, at the Aviator’s House, in Rome, organized a conference with prof. Michele Nones on the theme: “F35: a scapegoat.” The debate was moderated by Gen DA (r) Giancarlo Naldi.

After an introduction to the program, and a description of its complexity mainly due to the sophistication of a new generation machine, Prof. Nones examined with great frankness criticism the current program, highlighting the need for a systematic management of information, which should be coordinated, continuous and clear in the definition of roles: the Armed Forces to discuss the task and present the technical plan, the Government and Parliament of the political finance. “The information must also be taken into account that programs of this magnitude should be considered with a strategic vision in the medium to long term and, finally, taking into account the repeated approvals from governments that have taken place since 1999.” He said.

Analyzing the Italian involvement in the program, Nones concluded that:

  • there is no operational and industrial alternative to the JSF program;
  • it might be possible a further slight flattening of the initial phase of the acquisition program, but this would result in a further decrease in the return on investments already made;
  • being the industrial participation in the program based on a competitive bid – “the principle of cost sharing / work sharing that produces extra costs and extra time are no longer sustainable,” said Nones – “it is necessary that Government, Armed Forces and Industry propose themselves with greater effort – the current participation of certain segments such as electronic and motoring is very weak – and organize themselves to continue to compete for more industrial returns. “

The conference, held in the presence of more than 160 participants from industry, military, political and military representatives of some foreign countries, ended with a substantial phase of questions and answers with significant interventions of the Ministry of Defense, in the person of the Gen. DA Enzo Vecciarelli and Sen. Sergio Divina, vice president of the Defence Committee of the Senate. A brief and touching personal consideration gen. S.A. (R) Giovanni Sciandra President of the Air Force Association concluded the event.

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