Safety Culture in Air Transport. Negligent actions of the aeronautical operators.

The conference, organized by Centro Studi Demetra (Development of European Mediterranean Transportation), brought together representatives of the Italian Civil Aviation Authority (ENAC) , Air Navigation Services provider (ENAV) , legal experts and judges in order to define the state of the regulatory initiatives and Air Navigation Services provision implemented in view of the judgments of the Supreme Court on negligent liability of air traffic controllers in the field of Visual Approach. The solution to the problems highlighted lies in the affirmation of Just Culture in the field of aviation safety together to spread prevention initiatives. Unfortunately, a deep-rooted mistrust of aircraft operators does not allow the implementation of Just Culture. In fact, in the framework of the italian air transportation system has been complained about the lack of legal measures for the dissemination and implementation of Just Culture while in Europe seem to be coming in measures relating to aviation safety and related risks  mitigation on behalf  of  EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency).


Source Pietro Ferri . CESMA

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