21st Century Manufacturing : “A business-as-usual approach will not deliver that outcome.”

In a recently released report, the UK Government Office for Science, analyses  the future of manufacturing, noting the rising share of services.

Manufacturing in 2050 will look very different from today, and will be virtually unrecognisable from that of 30 years ago. Successful firms will be capable of rapidly adapting their physical and intellectual infrastructures to exploit changes in technology as manufacturing becomes faster, more responsive to changing global markets and closer to customers.

Successful firms will also harness a wider skills base, with highly qualified leaders and managers whose expertise combines both commercial and technical acumen, typically in science, technology, engineering or mathematics.

The key message is that there is no easy or immediate route to success, but action needs to start now to build on existing support, and to refocus and rebalance it for the future. Above all, policy design will need to address entire system effects.

This Report sets out many areas where action is needed at both strategic and more detailed levels. However, the following should be particular priorities.

The quality and skills of the workforce will be a critical factor in capturing competitive advantage.

Source: UK Department for Business Innovation & Skills

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