JISR : the “Rome Model” to increase interchange of info and reduce costs

For the first time the four major J-ISR (Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) Alliance Working Groups met in joint session, for what NATO itself has called “The Rome Model,” a solution that allowed a full and immediate sharing of the topics on the agenda, as well as an optimization of resources.

The ITAF Staff, under the aegis of the MoD, organized the NATO meeting to discuss at international level various issues in the sector. The J- ISR is one of the process over which NATO – also in the light of the findings of recent Lisbon Summit and Chicago and lessons learned in recent operations – primarily proposes to intervene in order to harmonize programs , doctrine and procedures . Some PfP partners such as Sweden and Australia also joined.

The meeting represented an important opportunity to deepen the NATO J -ISR Initiative, created as a result of the Summit in Chicago in order to be a permanent capacity for the collection, processing, dissemination and sharing within the Alliance of ISR products, especially with a view to increasing the capacity of NATO AGS (Air Ground Surveillance).

An important topic of the agenda was the progress report on the NATO exercise Unified Vision 14, a key step to ensure interoperability and integration of ISR assets in the NATO and Coalition operations.

The NATO WGs were:

  • The Joint Capability Group on ISR ( JCGISR ), which has the aim of supporting the technical aspects of interoperability of ISR capabilities of NATO and between it and the national armed forces
  • The All Sources Intelligence Integration Sub – Group (ASIISG) , which has the task of overseeing the technical aspects of more detail how the ISR architectures , standardization of procedures and publications NATO.
  • The Joint Intelligence Working Group (JINTWG) , which depends on the NATO Military Committee and is responsible for managing the STANAG ( Standardization Agreement) , doctrine and terminology of the industry, and
  • The Joint Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance Panel (JISRP) , responsible for implementing the effectiveness of the NATO forces through the development of common standards in the various sectors of interest ISR .

Source: Office of Public Information – Air Force – Rome

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