EU/US Hold Constructive Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial

During a “constructive and productive” Justice and Home Affairs Ministerial, U.S. and EU officials discussed a broad array of critical issues, including counter-terrorism and countering violent extremism; expanding cooperation in criminal matters; joint efforts in the areas of cybercrime and cybersecurity; and migration and border issues.

The meeting, which took place in Washington on November 18, also addressed data protection and issues related to alleged activities of U.S. intelligence agencies. “We together recognize that this has led to regrettable tensions in the transatlantic relationship, which we seek to lessen,” they said in a joint statement. “In order to protect all our citizens, it is of the utmost importance to address these issues by restoring trust and reinforcing our cooperation on justice and home affairs issues. The EU and the U.S. are allies.  Since 9/11 and subsequent terrorist attacks in Europe, the EU and U.S. have stepped up cooperation, including in the areas of police and criminal justice.  Sharing relevant information, including personal data, while ensuring a high level of protection, is an essential element of this cooperation, and it must continue.”

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