Six Danish Companies to Work With Boeing

Boeing et skBoeing and six Danish defense companies signed agreements today to jointly pursue a range of business opportunities in defense and aerospace-related manufacturing, maintenance, software and simulation integration, and other areas.

The agreements with Danish Aerotech, Falck Schmidt Defence Systems, IFAD, Multicut, Systematic and Terma are key elements of Boeing’s industrial plan related to its F/A-18 Super Hornet offering to Denmark. Just as importantly, they also offer these companies the prospect to expand their businesses and access broader markets through Boeing’s diverse portfolio of products, services and technology.

“We want partners who see our member companies’ potential to grow, not our potential to receive hand-outs,” said Jan Falck-Schmidt, chairman of the Danish Defence and Security Industries Association (FAD). “Boeing is offering knowledge, technology and supply chain opportunities that can help each of our companies, and the Danish defense industry as a whole, win work now and compete for much broader business in the future.”

“The areas of cooperation identified in these agreements draw upon the specialized capabilities of Danish industry to build long-term, sustainable partnerships in both Boeing’s commercial and defense businesses,” said Debbie Rub, vice president and general manager of Boeing Defense, Space & Security’s Global Strike division.

A study released by the leading Danish economic consultancy DAMVAD shows that collaboration between the Danish defense industry and Boeing in areas of corresponding strengths could result in the creation of more than 10,000 jobs in Denmark and the addition of 6 billion DKK to Denmark’s GDP over 20 years. Additionally collaboration could lead to long-term productivity gains ultimately resulting in a 400 million DKK permanent increase to the Danish economy each year. Get the report here.

Companies and Areas of Collaboration

  • Danish Aerotech: Boeing and Danish Aerotech are exploring opportunities for Danish Aerotech to apply its maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) capabilities for a Danish Super Hornet fleet, as well as training its employees on Boeing-specific support and service applications. Additionally, the companies will continue to pursue work opportunities for Danish Aerotech on other Boeing platforms, such as the NATO Airborne Warning and Control System aircraft that Danish Aerotech already supports.
  • Falck Schmidt Defence Systems: Boeing and FSDS are exploring opportunities to apply Falck Schmidt’s expertise in composites to Boeing Space products, in addition to providing technology assistance related to power units and batteries to further certain areas of Falck Schmidt’s business. The two companies are also identifying ways to support ongoing efforts to establish an unmanned systems training center at the Odense airport.
  • IFAD: Boeing and IFAD are exploring opportunities to network IFAD’s simulation systems with Boeing’s aviation training solutions, including IFAD’s SIM Gateway and Forward Air Controller / Forward Observer Training elements.
  • Multicut: Boeing and Multicut are exploring parts manufacturing opportunities for both defense and commercial applications. They include a variety of hard-metal machine parts that leverage Multicut’s expertise. The opportunities are made possible in part by Boeing’s assistance starting in 2010 that enabled Multicut to obtain a critical AS9100 aerospace manufacturing certification.
  • Systematic: Boeing and Systematic are exploring Systematic’s leading software solutions and their application to aerospace and defense platforms and specialties. They include opportunities in the Networked Tactical-Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance field and unmanned systems opportunities for which Systematic’s SitaWare product could be applicable.
  • Terma: Boeing and Terma are exploring applications of Terma’s expertise in technology and manufacturing related to composites, components and electronic systems across a range of Boeing’s commercial and defense platforms. Opportunities include commercial aerospace manufacturing work; application of Terma’s pylons, pods and applied aerostructures to various platforms; and additional market opportunities for the company’s Electronic Warfare Management System on future international sales of Boeing’s CH-47 Chinook helicopter.

Source : The Boeing Company

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