China Creates New Cyberwarfare Military Branch

Cina cyberChinese President Xi Jinping attended the founding ceremony of the General Command for the People’s Liberation Army (a central command for ground forces), the Rocket Force and the Strategic Support Force of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA)

One of these deals with what it calls ‘cyber war forces.’ This new force is mainly aimed at providing resources capable of protecting China’s cyber and space security”, an article on the Chinese Defense Ministry website said.

“The creation of the general command, rocket force and strategic support force is very important for the implementation of the Chinese dream about strengthening the army in light of the current situation. This a strategic measure to create a modern military system, taking into consideration the specificity of China,” Xi said, as quoted in the statement.

The Rocket Force is headed by the SAC commander Wei Fenghe while the Strategic Support Force chief is Lieutenant-General Gao Jin, a former SAC chief of staff.

Xi also called on the Rocket Force to enhance nuclear deterrence and counter-strike capacity which is credible and reliable, medium- and long-range precision strike ability, as well as strategic check-and-balance capacity to build a strong and modern Rocket Force.

Chinese media say the changes mean China now has four armed services – the army, navy, air force and missile force.

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