Galileo Integrated Logistics Support (ILS) Centre will open 1st of Dec

“The reception phase of the building is underway, the team is busy testing the equipment, the center will be fully operational by the end of November and will be inaugurated on 1 December” Says Fabian Collard, CEO of IDELux.

“The purpose of this center is to ensure that the 28 ground stations of the Galileo system have permanent equipment to communicate with all 30 satellites,” says Fabian Collard. “Its precise goal is to prevent and correct possible system failures through efficient maintenance and repair means. The storage space will quickly supply spare parts to all key sites of the system. program.”

The management of the Galileo Integrated Logistics Support Center has been entrusted by the European Commission to the Spaceopal Consortium which includes DLR (Germany), Telespazio (Italy), Vitrociset (Belgium), Thales Alenia Space (France / Italy), Tsystems (Germany) and SES-Astra (Luxembourg).


Galileo ILS Centre, Transinne, Belgium from vdvrk | Vojtech Dvorak on Vimeo.

Designed by IDELux, with the support of the Federal Government and the Walloon Region, this 2.300 m2 maintenance and logistics center will provide employment for 30 people and many indirect jobs will be created.

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