GSA: $165M to Booz Allen for USCYBERCOM support

Today, the tools and technology needed to carry out a large-scale cyber-attack are getting cheaper and easier to use. To defend the ever-changing and complex threat environment, the nation’s cyber defenders must have actionable intelligence as well as a keen sense of tactics and techniques to protect our organizations and the personal information of millions of people. To continue the support of this effort, the General Services Administration (GSA)/Federal System Integration and Management Center (FEDSIM) awarded Booz Allen Hamilton a five-year, $165M IDIQ contract to provide Plans and Policy, Training and Command Administrative and Staff support services to USCYBERCOM – a subordinate of the Department of Defense’s Strategic Command.

“Booz Allen brings a high quality, cross-disciplinary and proactive approach to cyber defense that helps our nation move faster, and more deliberately in the defense of increased threats,” said James Allen, Executive Vice President and Booz Allen’s Cyber Account leader.

In August of 2017, Booz Allen was awarded a $91.5M contract to identify cybersecurity threats, and improve cybersecurity integration and effectiveness throughout its BMDS fielded capabilities and computer network.

Source: Booz Allen Hamilton

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