Carrefour: Blockchain and QR codes to find out where citrus fruits come from

Carrefour announced that it will use blockchain technology to protect the traceability and quality of Tarocco Oranges and Sicilian Lemons Quality Chain.

In addition to its use in the field of cryptocurrencies, one of the best applications of blockchain technology is that of traceability of foodstuffs. Carrefour Italy was the first company in the large-scale retail trade to believe it and today it extends the use of blockchain technology to the Sicilian orange and lemon sector, after the debut linked to the organic chicken supply chain.

By reading the QR code placed on each citrus fruit package, the customer will be able to view all the data of each production batch in a completely transparent manner, including the citrus fruit of origin, the name of the producing company and the date of collection. The blockchain technology guarantees the immutability of the recorded data and guarantees the history of information on the product chain.

“We are proud of the results achieved so far with blockchain traceability, which aroused strong interest among consumers” commented Giovanni Panzeri, MDD director of Carrefour Italy. “The blockchain represents a trust pact between Carrefour Italy, the end customer and the manufacturing companies”.

The commitment to guarantee maximum transparency and traceability through blockchain technology is one of the actions of the Carrefour 2022 strategic plan. A plan with which the French supermarket chain aims to accelerate a global change towards a more responsible diet and sustainable.


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