European Defence Funds for 2023

The European Commission has adopted today its 2023 Work Programme under the European Defence Fund, with an important budget of 1.2 B€ (in 2022 the budget was 924 M€).

The 34 topics cover a large scope of capabilities, with particular large budgets for Space, Air missile defence and Naval combat.

The budget dedicated to SMEs and research organisations calls has been increased by 50%: from 17.6 M€ in 2022, to 36 M€ in 2023.

The budget dedicated to SMEs for development actions remains similar to the 2022 budget with a total of 36 M€, but the maximum funding for individual proposal has been increased from 4 M€ to 6 M€, taking more into account the high costs for development actions.
The calls are expected to be opened for submission on 15 June 2023 with a deadline for submission of 22 November 2023.

source Alain Alexis

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