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AOS-logo-150Atlantic Organization for Security, a Belgian Company Registered at Bruxelles Chamber of Commerce (AOS General Presentation here)

    • Active as a full Belgian company since Jan 2013
  • Objectives:
    • Support Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises M&SME to “enter” in the NATO and EU markets, helping them to the definition of the better approach for cooperation with other industries and/or engineering and management support for the proposal preparation
    • Conduct studies in support of NATO and EU (e.g. NIAG, NCIA, R&T and R&D for NATO, HORIZON 2020 and EDA for EU)
  • AOS is member of
  • AOS team (see here) is supported by Senior Managers and Engineers from Defence  Industries and MoDs, with a large experience in their National and NATO/EU areas, and can profit of a team of business consultants who are ready to assist in Business & Marketing Strategies as well as implementation of plans and solution of business issues. – see the team here
  • Activities
    • Execution of studies on Homeland Security and Homeland Protection
    • Execution of studies on Industrial Cooperation
    • International Security, Defence, C3, JISR, BMD, UAV and Cyber Defence programme and project management support
    • Independent Validation & Verification (IV&V) activities
    • Systems Interoperability assessment (IES and ICD)
    • Industry Technology assessment (TRL, IRL and SRL)
    • Business processes change and performance improvement
    • Support for European SMEs in business development for National, European and Transatlantic regions
    • Organization and participation at events and conferences on the topics mentioned

President and General Manager,  Dr. Gustavo Scotti di Uccio

Legal Representative, Dr. Gustavo Scotti di Uccio

AOS owns three websites

  • www.aofs.org to highlight commonalities in response to Defense and Homeland Security issues, and find mutual benefits in sharing approaches, technologies and solutions.
  • www.j-med.eu to support the joint planning, preparation, and execution of health service support across the European and NATO services
  • www.sdia-eu.com in support of the Small Defence Industry Association


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