Alfio Abate

Personal Profile

My career path evolved on the realization of specific equipment and parts for aircrafts adding value to the Development, Clearance, Production, In Service and Procurement with focus on delivery on Time, on Quality and on Cost assuring maximum Customer Satisfaction.

My activities conducted in multifunctional teams including negotiation with suppliers around the world (i.e. USA, Europe, Israel, etc.). My dual citizenship (Italian and German) together with the familiarity with languages and cultures (Italian, French, English and German) contributes to an excellent, trustful relation with Customers.


  • Lead and Manage complex International & National projects / programs in strict coordination with the Customer, including MoDs & Suppliers.
  • Facilitate Customer / Supplier activities on specific Import & Export tasks.
  • Support Customer on critical activities developed in a National & International
  • Lead National & International bids up to final selection.

Professional experience

  • Head of Equipment Management, Eurofighter GmbH, Germany (2008 – 2016).
    • Established and led a management team of 6 persons and functional teams at Partner Industry of 40 persons
  • Head of Sourcing, Lead the Procurement of an EADS Business Unit (2006 to 2007)
    • Sourcing / Procurement management with transversal responsibilities for Germany, France and Great Britain and other Customer countries (sourcing volume of ca. 800M€ with an international work force of 80 high skilled persons).
  • Senior Manager, EADS Corporate Sourcing, Coordination and monitoring of all Headquarter and Business Unit’s procurement value creation activities (2000 to 2005).
    • Lead and Implement full merge and integration of purchasing processes, including reporting system, measurement of savings within the projects.
  • Senior Manager, Eurofighter Defence Aid Subsystem, Responsible for the German DASS of Eurofighter (1999 to 2000).
    • Harmonization of activities and negotiations with the partner companies including offset and workshare.
    • Negotiation with partner companies, international suppliers and customers (Ministry of Defence of Italy, Germany, UK and Spain).
  • Strategic Procurement Manager, New programs (1998 to 1999).
    • Training aircrafts and transporter aircraft.
  • Senior Manager, Electronic Warfare, Responsible for electronic warfare projects, mid-life upgrades (1988 to 1999).
    • Manager of self-protection jammer program, radar warning system and electronic warfare ground systems, Emitter Location System.
    • Focal point and consultant for the customer and German Ministry of Defence on Government-to-Government contracts.
  • System Engineer, Responsible for development and qualification of aircraft equipment (1985 to 1988).
    • Negotiation with international customer (MoD) and suppliers.
  • Project Engineer, Aerospace Ground Equipment, Responsible for ground equipment definition and specification (1985 to 1988).
    • Activity performed in strict collaboration with customer (MoD) and international supplier.
  • System Engineer, Responsible for definition and specification of test software (1976 to 1985).
  • University Teaching Assistant, Politecnico di Torino – Italy (1975 to 1976).
    • Physics and Electronic measurement laboratory.


  • Master in Computer and Communication Systems
    • University: Politecnico di Torino (July 1974)

Other skills & Personal Interests

  • Languages
    • Italian Mother tongue
    • German Fluent
    • French Fluent
    • English Fluent
  • Activities
    • Conduct a fruit farm in Italy and related commercialization company in Germany with additional export to France.