Gustavo Scotti di Uccio

  • 2013 Owner of (Atlantic Organization for Security) in Belgium
  • 2009 at SELEX SI (Finmeccanica), Sn VP New Business Affairs (NATO and EU) and Responsible for the US market business opportunities.
  • 1999, AMS JV, NATO Account Director, prime responsible for the liaisons with NATO Organisations of the AMS Companies in UK, IT, GE, and USA
  • 1989, GIE Eurosam (Paris), Land Systems Programme Director for the Franco/Anglo/Italian missile cooperation FSAF & PAAMS (2 Billion Euro) & responsible for the industrial cooperation with Germany, UK and Spain.
  • Selenia SpA in the Avionic Division 

He participated, as expert and chairman, to different WGS and Studies mainly on Industrial Cooperation (FNIE (Framework for NATO Industry Engagement), TADIC (Transatlantic Defence Industrial Cooperation), NRC Ad Hoc Working Group for the industrial cooperation) and recently he contributed as an industrial expert to the definition of the new contractual procedures that are to be adopted by NATO focussing on co-operations and partnership issues, mainly in the Cyber Domains.

  • National Representative to NATO RTO/SAS, NIAG.
  • Member of the Strategic Steering Committee of the industrial consortium EURONEC for EDA,
  • Member of the National Observatory on Security (OSN) for critical infrastructures protection.
  • Member of the Network Centric Operations Industry Consortium (NCOIC).
  • General Manager ACCSCO SA and Member of the Board of Directors
  • Member of the Board of Directors at EOS SA and Deputy Chairman of the Company
  • Member of the CESMA Steering Committee and responsible for the C4ISR sector.
  • Member of the Steering Committee of the ISSMM-delta (International Security/Safety, Global Strategies and Medical Maxi-Emergency for Unconventional Events: Analyses and Management)