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15 July, 2011,this is the 2nd part of June Briefing: the new topics are in red:

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June, 2011 SHORT BRIEF

Please note that each item can be read in full by clicking on it.

Best sharing across Atlantic

  • CCDCOE TEN RULES FOR CYBER SECURITY – by Eneken Tikk – The response to cyber threats cuts across several areas of law. Ten rules can be formulated to focus debate on the quality and interpretation of existing frameworks and the need for new ones. This article was published in Survival | vol. 53 no. 3 | June-July 2011
  • EMERGING TRANSATLANTIC SECURITY DILEMMAS IN BORDER MANAGEMENT by Elizabeth Collett, Migration Policy Institute, June 2011, The sheer volume of global travel, which has risen exponentially since the 1960s, puts border management systems under constant pressure. Beyond that growth, border management systems have had to contend with additional risks associated with these movements. Mass-casualty terrorist attacks, rising illegal immigration,
    and human trafficking have exposed weaknesses in states’ ability to manage their borders effectively. This policy memo examines the infrastructure and policy developments – and challenges – that have occurred in recent years on both sides of the Atlantic, discussing the differing nature and prioritization of those policy challenges.
  • TRANSATLANTIC RELATIONS IN A MULTIPOLAR EUROPE. by Riccardo Alcaro, European Security and the Future of Transatlantic Relations, April 2011, pp. 15-39. For decades European security was at the core of the  transatlantic relationship. During the first half of the 20th Century the  traditional reluctance of the United States to get involved in the highly  competitive European security system gave way to the recognition that it was in  the country’s national interest to avoid the emergence of an hegemonic power in  Europe. The US felt compelled to intervene with massive military, economic, and
    human resources in two epoch-making world wars resulting from the collapse of  the precarious European balance of power.











Orlando/Munich/Rome  – The National Armaments Directors of Germany, Italy and the United States have approved a revised set of development objectives for the Medium Extended Air Defense System (MEADS) program, including two intercept flight tests by 2014. The refocused development program ensures that key national technologies will be demonstrated and that MEADS will readily mature […]

Focus on UAV-ISR: Data Demand Drives UAV Production and Training & Simulation Market

Rapid growth in demand for the critical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance  (ISR) data provided by UAVs has been driving procurement of new platforms and in turn fuelling rising demand for trained operators. – more in:

  • SELEXGalileo-Takes-Wraps-off-New-Look-Falco-Evo-UAV
  • FALCO EVO Will Complement-Falco-UAS
  • Rafael-and-Aeronautics-Strengthen-UAS-Cooperation
  • Can-Franco-British-UAS-Alliance-Beat-the-Financial-Crisis
  • Guarguaglini-and-Italy-Def-Minister-Differ-on-UK/France-Pact
  • Another-Euro-MALE-UAV ?-Alenia-Seeks-Partners
  • Elbit-to-Supply-a-Latin-American-Country-with-Hermes-900-UAS
  • Boeing-Phantom-Eye-HALE-Completes-Vibration-Tests Rapid […]

Boeing Phantom Eye HALE Completes Vibration Tests

High-altitude long endurance unmanned airborne system marks major milestone in preparation for 1st flight The Boeing Phantom Eye high altitude long endurance (HALE) unmanned airborne system completed 12 days of ground vibration and structural mode interaction tests this month at NASA’s Dryden Flight Research Center at Edwards Air Force Base, Calif. Phantom Eye is being prepared […]

Morocco – 67 M$ for 8 SENTINEL AN/MPQ-64F1 Radars

The Defense Security Cooperation Agency notified Congress Thursday of a Foreign Military Sale to the Government of Morocco of eight AN/MPQ-64F1 SENTINEL Radars, and associated equipment, parts, training and logistical support for an estimated cost of $67 million. The Government of Morocco has requested a possible sale 8 AN/MPQ-64F1 SENTINEL Radars, 8 AN/VRC-92E Single Channel Ground […]

Aerostats to use AESA radar from SELEX Galileo for wide area surveillance

SELEX Galileo, a Finmeccanica company, has been awarded a contract by Worldwide Aeros Corporation, a US prime contractor for aerostat vehicles, to deliver its Seaspray 7500E Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) radar. The Seaspray radar will equip an Aeros ground-surveillance tethered aerostat balloon operated by the Republic of Korea Army, marking SELEX Galileo‘s expansion into […]

Gates: NATO Allies Must Pool Funds or Face Decline

European members of NATO need to pool their defense funds to bolster their declining military power, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates says. The Libya air war has exposed serious shortcomings among NATO allies and European governments will have to agree on joint defense budget priorities to rectify the problem, Gates told AFP in an interview. […]

Selex SI : Handheld Radar That Spots Heartbeats Through the Wall

Envisioned for use by firefighters seeking survivors and police and military users seeking hostages, the TWR-S (Through the Wall) radar has been shown for the first time at the Paris Air Show by the Finmeccanica unit. The new system, suitable for civil protection and military armed forces during on-fields emergency operations, provides immediate detection of […]

Secretary Napolitano’s Visit to Brussels

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano today visited Brussels to meet with her counterparts, sign a joint statement on global supply chain security cooperation between the United States and European Union, and deliver remarks at the World Customs Organization (WCO) Council session reaffirming the Obama administration’s commitment to working collaboratively with the international community to […]

Aselsan Wins $1B Turkish Air Defense Contract

Turkey’s largest defense company, Aselsan, has penned a 721 million euro ($1 billion) contract to sell low- and medium-altitude air defense systems to the Turkish military. This is the largest contract awarded to a local company this year. Aselsan said in a written statement that the deal was signed June 21 between the company and […]

Can Franco-British UAS alliance beat the financial crisis?

Two years ago, the idea of France’s largest defence contractor joining forces with its UK equivalent on a bilateral aerospace project would have been almost unthinkable, but a global economic crisis and political will have led to the creation of just such a pact between Dassault and BAE Systems. To be in evidence at Le […]

France to pay 460 M Euro to Taiwan over frigate deal

The French government said on Jun, 22 it would have to pay Taiwan 460 million euros after defence giant Thales lost an appeal over its wrongful payment of commissions on a warship order. Prime Minister Francois Fillon’s office announced that the state would have to cover 72.5 percent of the massive bill the group now […]

Russia – Italy : High-Tech Cooperation

The research that we are carrying out is the future of nuclear energy,” said Giovanni Iannuzzi, deputy head of the mission at the Italian Embassy. Iannuzzi is talking about a nuclear fusion experiment called “Ignitor,” one of the most high-tech cooperations that the Italians are involved in with Russians. Last year, President Dmitry Medvedev noted […]

Rafael and Aeronautics strengthen UAS co-operation

Rafael will work through fellow Israeli company Aeronautics with clients that need unmanned air systems as part of their operational requirements. While there is continued talk of a possible merger between Aeronautics and one of the two other major manufacturers of unmanned air vehicles in Israel, the company is strengthening its co-operation with Rafael. Negotiations […]

Secretary Napolitano’s Visit to U.K.

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano today visited London to meet with her
counterparts and underscore the importance of strengthening collaboration between the United States and United Kingdom to ensure the security, efficiency, and resiliency of the global supply chain, which is integral to the safety and prosperity of both nations. “In order to secure […]

Europe Eyes Ships, Sensors For PAA Missile Shield

European ships already equipped with advanced phased array radars (APAR) are likely the first foreign hardware input from the continent into the U.S.-led Phased Adaptive Approach missile defense architecture, according to Ed Miyashiro, vice president at Raytheon Missile Systems. These ships, owned by the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, already have the MK41 launcher capable of […]

Guarguaglini and Italy Def Minister Differ on UK-France Pact

Italy‘s defense minister has tried to calm fears about Italy being shut out from the choicest
defense deals in Europe by the Anglo-French agreement on defense cooperation. Speaking at the Paris Air Show on the 20th of June, Ignazio La Russa said, “I do not see anything incorrect about relationships between one state and another,” […]

Another Euro MALE UAV? Alenia Seeks Partners

The fallout from the Anglo-French deal on a new MALE UAV continued as Italy‘s Alenia Aeronautica said it was seeking partners to develop its own nine-ton UAV. Giuseppe Giordo, CEO of the Finmeccanica unit, said Alenia was mulling the development of a new MALE that would carry a payload of more than 500 kilograms and […]

Selex Galileo takes wraps off new-look Falco Evo UAV

Selex Galileo took the wraps off its new-look Falco Evo unmanned air vehicle, and also revealed Italian military interest in the extended-range model. Selex Galileo is offering the Evo as a new-build system, or as a package of enhancements for existing users of its Falco. “We see a big future for both systems working together. […]

Defense Secretary Robert Gates CNN interview

Defense Secretary Robert Gates, in an interview at the CNN’s “State of the Union” discussed triumphs and trials in Iraq Sunday on CNN’s “State of the Union.” “I am worried about Iranian influence (in Iraq),” he revealed. But, “We have taken a real toll on (al Qaeda) over the last two years.” Gates described a commitment […]

SELEX Galileo complements its Falco UAS with the Falco EVO

SELEX Galileo will be putting its Falco EVO Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) on display for the first time. Without changing the airframe of the current Falco high end Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (TUAV), Falco EVO features extended wings to ensure longer endurance and an increased payload capacity. This expands the spectrum of tactical missions the […]

U.S. Senate Bill Requires Fixed-Price JSF Contract

The defense authorization bill passed by the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee on June 16 requires a fixed-price contract for the next F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) buy, forcing the contractors to absorb any cost overruns. The Senate panel met throughout the week behind closed doors marking up the authorization bill for 2012. Details of […]

11 Projects for the Germany’sNew Defence Reform

Germany’s defense secretary has set up 11 project groups to fill in the details of the military’s planned restructuring, which follows his May unveiling of defense policy guidelines. “We really take up quite a lot there,” Thomas de Maizière said at a June 10 kick-off presentation in Berlin. The groups will work independently, but a […]

EU seeks unified cybersecurity regime

The European Security Round Table ESRT held, in conjunction with the Estonian Ministry of Defence (1), the European Cyber Security Conference, titled “Shared Threats – Shared Solutions: Towards a European Cyber Policy,” that discussed the notion of collaborative cyber security within the European Union. The conference was led by Estonian Defense Minister Mart Laar: ”we […]

Alenia Aeronautica: NATO’s E-3A AWACS 10-year maintenance contract

Alenia Aeronautica (a Finmeccanica company) has recently renewed the contract with the  company IAMCO (International Aerospace Management Company), for the supply of a wide range of maintenance and upgrade services for NATO’s AWACS (Airborne Early Warning And Control System) aircraft fleet. The contract signed by Alenia Aeronautica will generate estimated total sales of about euro 100 […]

Germany Arms Itself for Cyber War

see also: Germany Plans a New Cyber Defense Agency

The German government is responding to an increase in Internet threats with a new Cyber Defense Center in Bonn, which opens Thursday. Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich is seeking to create better safety standards and defenses for both the private and public sector. If necessary, he […]

U.S. JTRS Proves It Can Talk To Other Radios

The U.S. Defense Department completed its first successful interoperability quick-look laboratory test on Soldier Radio Waveform, proving the service’s Joint Tactical Radio System can communicate with radios from outside companies. Developed primarily for radios carried by dismounted soldiers, Soldier Radio Waveform completed testing with HMS Production Rifleman Radio, Harris’ Falcon III (AN/PRC-117G), ITT’s Soldier Radio […]

Panetta: efforts to save money in Military Healthcare costs

President Obama’s nominee to lead the Pentagon has made it clear military personnel programs, once considered sacrosanct, will be scrutinized as the administration looks for spending cuts. In written answers to advance policy questions posed by the Senate Armed Services Committee prior to his confirmation hearing, Leon Panetta endorsed proposals put forward by the Pentagon […]

NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence : The 3rd International Conference

More than 380 experts gathered in Tallinn, Estonia, to participate in the annual International Conference on Cyber Conflict. Presentations treated the legal aspects of cyber conflict as well as the technical ones, including recent issues such as Stuxnet and iBots. The opening address was given by the President of the Republic of Estonia, Toomas Hendrik […]

Poland, U.S. Strike Deal on Air Force Deployment

Poland has signed a deal with the United States on the deployment from 2013 of aircraft and training staff to help bolster the EU nation’s military capacity, Poland’s defense minister said June 13. “This agreement brings with something new, namely the permanent presence of American soldiers on Polish soil,” minister Bogdan Klich told reporters in […]

U.S. Foresees $46 Billion in 2011 Military Sales

The United States plans to export $46.1 billion in weapons this year, nearly doubling its 2010 figures, officials said June 10. During the fiscal year 2011, which ends Sept. 30, Washington expects the sales of equipment and military services through its Foreign Military Sales process. About 79 percent of these exports are financed by client […]

Memorandum of Understanding between USA and Poland

The Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Poland Bogdan Klich and the Ambassador of the United States to Poland Lee Feinstein signed the Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Defense of the United States of America and the Minister of National Defense of the Republic of Poland on cooperation of the Air […]

IMF hit by ‘very major’ cyber security attack

Related Stories US: Cyber-attack is ‘act of war’ Cyber war exaggerated says expert Cyber-sabotage tops security fear The International Monetary Fund (IMF) says it has been targeted by a sophisticated cyber attack. Officials at the fund gave few details but said the attack earlier this year had been “a very major breach” of its systems, the […]

GD Awarded $876 M for US DHS Headquarters Relocation

General Dynamics Information Technology, a business unit of General Dynamics, has been awarded a task order through the U.S. General Services Administration’s Alliant Contract to support the relocation of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s headquarters. The task order has a ceiling value of $876 million and duration of seven years if all options are […]

Thales Awarded Contracts Worth More Than 11 M Euros

Thales Alenia Space Espana has been awarded important contracts summing up to a value of more than 7.5 million Euros. These contracts are for the MUSIS program for Earth observation. The company will be entrusted with the design, development, manufacturing, qualification, supply of electronics for the focal plane of the optical instrument (FPPB), and the […]

First live NATO-Russia counter-terrorism exercise in the skies

Polish, Russian and Turkish fighter jets intervened in response to the simulated hijacking of a passenger aircraft by terrorists, during counterterrorism exercise “Vigilant Skies 2011”, which took place between 6 and 10 June. The exercise was a joint demonstration of the operational readiness of the NATO-Russia Council’s Cooperative Airspace Initiative (CAI). It is the […]

Gates: NATO nations cuts are “serious problem”

Here is the Department of Defense transcript of Secretary of Defense Robert Gates’s speech on the future of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization delivered on the 10th of June in Brussels. – NATO DEFENCE SPENDING 2010 HERE – Thank you, Mr. Secretary General, Jaap, for that kind introduction. And my thanks to Giles Merritt and the Security […]

Advanced Firefinder Radar System supporting US Troops in Theater Operations

ThalesRaytheonSystems announced that advanced Firefinder radars have been fielded in theater supporting and protecting U.S. troops and allies. Reliability and maintainability improvements have been added to the AN/TPQ-37 Firefinder Weapon Locating Radar system that support an extended service life with reduced life-cycle costs. Currently fielded in Iraq, upgraded Firefinders are scheduled to be deployed into […]

DRS Will Develop Handheld Computing Systems for U.S. Army Soldier and Marine Dismounted Situational Awareness

DRS Technologies, Inc., A Finmeccanica Company, announced its DRS Tactical Systems business unit received a cost-plus fixed-fee award for the development of an ultra-rugged handheld device for the U.S. Army’s Joint Battle Command – Platform (JBC-P) program. The company received the order from the Communications-Electronics Research, Development and Engineering Center (CERDEC) at Aberdeen Proving Ground, […]

Britain Fends Off More Than 1,000 Cyber Attacks a Year

Britain’s defense minister says his agency’s computer systems fended off more than a thousand cyber attacks in the past year. Liam Fox said late Tuesday in a speech that his agency fights “a continuous battle” to keep hostile forces out of computer networks. He said criminals, some foreign intelligence services, and other malicious elements are responsible […]

New Partnership for Innovative C4I Solutions

Saab has signed a Letter of Intent with the leading supplier of tactical data link software
solutions, Tactical Communications Group, TCG. Within the partnership Saab and TCG will collaborate on technical, marketing and business development initiatives designed to bring innovative new C4I solutions to the market. Saab’s tactical C4I solutions provide the end-user with superior […]

Russia Says NATO Not Listening on Missile Shield

NATO and Russia failed to reach a breakthrough on a missile shield project in Europe on June 8 with the Russian defense minister complaining that Moscow’s demands were falling on deaf ears. After talks between NATO defense ministers and their Russian counterpart in Brussels, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen dismissed Russian demands for a […]

NATO Plans Force to Respond to Cyber Attacks

NATO wants to beef up its cyber defense capabilities with the creation of a special task
force to detect and respond to Internet attacks, an alliance expert said at a conference on cyber security here on June 8. “NATO is planning to establish the Cyber Red Team (…) that would provide a significant contribution to […]

Bulgaria : “Smart Defence” & “Pooling and Sharing” concepts

Bulgarian prime minister Boyko Borisov has launched an initiative calling for the joint
purchase of fighter aircraft, with regional allies Croatia, Romania and Turkey. All of the nations apart from Turkey are in the process of seeking new fighters to replace their ageing fleets of legacy and upgraded Mikoyan MiG-21s or MiG-29s. The most likely […]

SELEX ELSAG offers enhanced radio capability

SELEX ELSAG, a Finmeccanica company, now offers a world-leading FrontLine Soldier Radio (FSR) which takes the company’s experience of market-leading systems, such as the
Personal Role Radio and Soldier Radio Plus, to provide an advanced and reliable implementation of next-generation technologies. The FSR design provides enhanced capability over current Soldier Radios, together with the flexibility […]

NATO REFORM – Reform Plots Course Between Rationalization and Compensation

Defence ministers meeting in Brussels on 8 and 9 June came to an agreement on the “most fundamental structural changes the Alliance has ever seen “, according to Robert Gates. Based on a decision of principle taken during the Lisbon summit in November 2010, reform is based on two key complementary principles to: reduce the […]

LM Announces BlackCloud Solution

Lockheed Martin announced BlackCloudTM, a secure turnkey private cloud solution for government agencies designed to minimize risk while addressing compliance and mission requirements. BlackCloud integrates Lockheed Martin’s architecture with solutions from Cyber Security Alliance partners Cisco, NetApp, and VMware to offer secure multi-tenancy in the data center. The total solution provides end-to-end segmentation of a […]

Cassidian laser countermeasure system will protect Canadian ships

Close cooperation between Cassidian and Defence Research and Development Canada at
Valcartier – Cassidian, the defence and security division of EADS, will develop innovative solutions to protect ships of the Canadian Navy against new types of asymmetric threats. Under the designation LOCATES (= Laser Optical Countermeasures and Surveilllance Against Threat Environment Scenarios), the Defence Research Development […]

Boeing says under ‘continuous’ cyber attack

Boeing is under “continuous” cyber attack but there has been no breach of its databases, a
senior executive said Friday. The admission by Dennis Muilenburg, the chief executive of Boeing Defense, Space and Security, comes as Japanese electronics giant Sony recovers from a series of online incursions while Google also said it has been hit. […]

US Navy, International Forces Respond to Piracy Attack

USS Bunker Hill, At Sea – Guided-missile cruiser USS Bunker Hill (CG 52) boarded a suspected pirate vessel in cooperation with international forces while responding to a distress call May 5. The United Kingdom Maritime Trade Organization received a distress call from the Panamanian-flagged merchant vessel Full City and passed the information to U.S. 5th […]

CBP Unmanned Aircraft Reach 10,000-Hour Milestone

U.S. Customs and Border Protection announced today that its Office of Air and Marine’s Unmanned Aircraft System program has achieved a historic milestone, exceeding 10,000 flight hours. The General Atomics Aeronautical Systems Inc.,Predator B UAS supports CBP’s primary mission of securing the border and preventing acts of terrorism by helping to identify and intercept potential terrorist and […]

US State Department proposes to eliminates TAA in certain circumstances

In April, the US Department of State, Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (DDTC) published a proposed rule that has the effect of limiting the scope of activities that are considered a defense service and establishes new definitions of ‘‘Organizational-Level Maintenance,’’ ‘‘Intermediate-Level Maintenance’’ and ‘‘Depot-Level Maintenance.’’ The change would allow certain activities to proceed without any […]

Technology successfully secures 37th G8 summit in France

TETRAPOL networks by Cassidian enable French Ministry of Interior to provide smoothly
operating security system – Over 10,000 police and gendarmerie users of secure radiocommunication services provided by Cassidian to ensure security of this major international political meeting – During the G8 summit, 10,000 users – including forces from the police, the gendarmerie, the French […]

Elbit to Supply a Latin-American Country with Hermes 900 UAS

This Selection Follows Initial Order of Hermes 900 by the Israeli Defense Forces Elbit Systems Ltd. , announced that it was awarded a contract to supply a Latin American country with Hermes(R) 900 Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS). The project is not in an amount that is material to Elbit Systems. The UAS will also include […]