D & HS – Agreements


Transatlantic cooperation


DHS FEMA’s International Programs and Activities (full document here  here )

  • Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation: engagement in APEC’s Emergency Preparedness Working Group … .
  • Australia: A MoU to facilitate emergency management cooperation.
  • Canada: the most recent signed in 2008.
  • Chile: A MoU following the catastrophic earthquake in February 2010.
  • European Union: Administrative Arrangement (PDF 63KB, TXT 6KB) with EU for improved emergency and disaster management.
  • Germany: A Work Group on Emergency Management was recently established.
  • Israel: Cooperation under the authority of a DHS-Israel MoU.
  • Mexico: Agreements on Emergency Management Cooperation, last signed in 2008.
  • NATO: FEMA serves as the U.S. lead for civil emergency planning at NATO and facilitates U.S. government participation.
  • New Zealand: Science and Technology Agreement signed in January 2010.
  • Russia: MoU, initially signed in 1996 and is renewed on a regular basis, for cooperation in natural and man-made technological emergency prevention and response. .
  • United Kingdom: Agreement with DHS Science and Technology since 2004.


US DHS Bilateral agreements

with other countries relating to the enhancement of security procedures and HS scientific cooperation between: