CESDIS – Applications of the Presidency of the Council Decree Against Cyber Threat

In March 2013, the CESDIS held a conference entitled ” Strategy of defense against the cyber threat ” in which the rules contained in the decree, issued in January 2013 by the Presidency of the Council of Ministers were discussed and commented.

The Decree defines the policy and the conceptual and organizational structure of the national security and contrast against the cyber threat.

After a year, the Conference will review the progress achieved by the various authorities and bodies responsible for public administration in the implementation of the provisions of the Decree of the Presidency of the Council.

The conference entitled “The application of the decree against the cyber threat(program here) is organized in two sessions

In the first, leaders of the Council Presidency and the Ministries directly concerned will report on the arrangements put in place within his body and the prospects for future implementation.

In the second session, representatives of the various institutions of the private world will inform on the initiatives taken on their own and will formulate proposals for collaboration, in order to identify the necessary and possible synergies for cooperation between the PA and the various economic, financial, industrial and cultural entities.

The publication of the Decree and the two Conferences represent a secure line for a controlled development of the national defense strategy against the cyber threat that in 2013, as introduced by the KeyNote Speaker, is assuming more and more dangerous proportions.